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It’s like a spin class for your whole body. KORE leverages the TRX, Kettlebells, and Bosu to improve your balance, strength core strength, and dial in your movement mechanics. KORE features the same style of CrossFit programming you love with new exercise patterns to master.

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TRX Suspension Trainer, Kettlebells, and Bosu

CrossFit KORE brings the sweat and the burn like no other class in our arsenal. We leverage the power of the TRX Gen 4, TRX Rip Trainer, Bosu, and Kettlebell into one sweat-soaking class.  CrossFit KORE is a scalable class designed for any athlete. CrossFit KORE provides unparalleled safety. It is a back-to-basics, functional training class that dials-in the intensity and scorches more calories than any other system.

What are the Workouts Like?

CrossFit KORE takes everything that makes CrossFit successful programming, variability, and intensity but leverages the power of the TRX Suspension Trainer, Bosu, and Kettlebell to do it.  The result: a more scalable workout for beginners with significantly more emphasis on core strength and unilateral control (e.g corrects imbalances left to right.)  CrossFit KORE workouts feature the TRX Suspension Trainer, Bosu, Kettlebell, and Rip Trainer.  Here are two workouts published on January 12, and January 14.

CrossFit Workout 1402

Mobility Warmup:
• Split Squat w/ M Deltoid Fly
• Split Squat w/ T Deltoid Fly
• Split Squat w/ Y Deltoid Fly
• Wall Slides
• T-Spine Rotation
• Overhead Squat
• Reverse Hugger

TRX Hips Conditioning

3 Rounds for time
• Hip Press 20
• Hamstring Runner 40
• Hip Abduction 30 reps

Scoring: Time

Kettlebell Total Body Conditioning

4 Rounds for Time
• 50 Two-Hand Kettlebell Swings 53/35
• 50 TRX Rip Trainer Squat Rows

Scoring: Time

CrossFit Workout 1403

Mobility Warmup:
• Chest Stretch
• Shoulder Distraction
• Front Rack Stretch
• Wall Slides
• T-Spine Rotation
• Kitchen Sink Stretch

TRX Total Body

3 Rounds for Time
• I’s 25
• Sprinter Starts 50
• Side Lunge 30
• Kneeling Rollout 40

Scoring: Time

Kettlebell Swing and Rip Trainer Punch

4 Rounds for Time
• 50 Alternating Kettlebell Swings 35/22
• 25 Rip Trainer Punch

Scoring: Time

CrossFit KORE Workout Video

14 Minute EMOM

Bosu Saddle Jumps & TRX Crunch to Pike
Score Total Completed Reps

Scalable Fitness for Everyone with TRX & Kettlebells

Whereas many forms of fitness feature complex movements that can take years to learn and practice, CrossFit is about results from day 1.  CrossFit is approachable for every athlete because we can scale all movement to your level of strength and mobility.  CrossFit is always challenging because we scale it up as you build strength.  CrossFit works great for people with knee, ankle, and back injuries because the TRX Suspension Trainer provides assistance and control.

Total Body Fitness, Legs, Arms, Mobility & Core

CrossFit workouts include mobility, cardio, and strength.  Workouts target the entire body to provide you a rounded approach to fitness.   With workouts in endurance, strength, general physical preparedness, and balance, CrossFit TRX & Kettlebells provides an amazing platform to get in shape and stay in shape.

Master Kettlebells Exercises

The Kettlebell is one of the versatile pieces of equipment you can own.  From easier exercises like the goblet squat to expert level exercises like the rotational snatch, the Kettlebell is a key piece of equipment for strength and conditioning.

CrossFit Taught by a TRX & Kettlebell Certified Pro

TRX Suspension Trainer Programming, Workouts, and Scaling. During the Seminar, we’ll teach you how to perform over 20 TRX exercises such as the atomic pushup and the TRX Pike. We’ll cover scaling options and cover points of performance for safe execution of these exercises.  Paul has been teaching TRX for over 10 years and taken the following courses taught by Frazier Quelch, the lead programmer for TRX:

  1. Suspension Trainer Qualified by TRX Corp.
  2. TRX Advanced Core Training 2013
  3. TRX Advanced Rip Training 2013
  4. TRX Partner Fusion Workout 2014
  5. TRX Rip: Leaner, Faster, Stronger
  6. TRX Training for Active Seniors

TRX Suspension Trainer Exercises

Have 45 minutes to learn about the TRX Suspension Trainer.  Paul teaches some of the basics to performing the following exercises in this video taped seminar.

  1. Core and Hip Flexors Workout.  TRX Suspension Trainer: Pikes, Knee Sweeps, bodysaw with glute split, Left sideplank, right sideplank.  Rest for 90 seconds and repeat.
  2. Hamstrings and Glutes Workout.  TRX Suspension Trainer: Alt Hamstring Curls, Hip Rise, Reverse Plank, glute bridge. Rest for 90 seconds and repeat
  3. Chest, Arms, and Core.  TRX Suspension Trainer: Pushups, Bulgarian Lunge, Burpees

Online Fitness Class Required Equipment

  1. TRX Suspension Trainer
  2. Heavy and Light Kettlebell
  3. TRX Rip Trainer or Homemade version (PVC, Two Exercise Bands, and Zip Ties)
  4. Bosu, Balance Trainer, or any sort of thick balance pad (firm cushion)

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  1. 5 out of 5


    OH DEAR GOD the calories you burn! I went in with a pretty good idea of what to expect but whoa were my expectations blown out of the water. Each class if fraught with different exercises to get your heart pumping. I always end up leaving sweating like crazy but feel so good afterwords. I’m still new into fitness and I absolutely enjoy this class. My most recent class was probably the most challenging one I’ve done yet but I feel really good because I was able to keep up pretty good with those I would perceive as in better health than myself. I’m already signed up for the next one this coming week.

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  1. Book your classes online.  You can register for one class per day.
  2. You must register for every session you attend. You must attend every session you book. You must check-in on the app for every session you attend. No show fees are $10.  It does not matter if you were really there or if you signed the COVID-19 Safety Declaration.  If you don’t check-in on Zen Planner, you’ll be automatically assigned the no-show fee.
  3. Booking Window: 2 hours to 2 Weeks before the session.
  4. Cancellation Window: 2 hours to 2 Weeks before the session.
  5. Please Arrive 10 Minutes Early.
  6. Sign the COVID-19 Declaration, Wash Your Hands.
  7. Bring your phone, you’ll need to log your workout into SugarWOD.
  8. You’ll need a dedicated pair of sneakers for the gym.  We recommend Nobulls, Metcons, Nano, Innov8, Chucks, Yoga Socks, or similar.  Please make sure your shoes are clean when you enter the gym. This policy is designed to keep the gym clean, and your knees and ankles safe.
  9. Yoga and Beyond Stretch are barefoot or yoga socks.  Bring a mat for Yoga and Beyond Stretch.
  10. Keep 10 feet from other members at all time.
  11. Clean and Dry all equipment you use.
  12. Put all the equipment that you use away.

Review all 10 Safe Barbell Handling Videos Before Attending a Class

Safely Managing a Barbell in your CrossFit Gym 

Free Guest Pass: You may obtain a free guest pass for your friends.  Please fill out our guest pass form.

The following terms and conditions apply to all packages.  Buying a training package of any type constitutes acceptance of the below Membership Policy.

1) Zero Tolerance Policy for Discrimination, Bullying, or Creating a Poisoned Workout Environment.

We accept no justification for ANY Discrimination, Bullying, or Creating a Poisoned Workout Environment.  Any member or employee found to be in violation of this policy IN OR OUT OF SAND AND STEEL FITNESS will have their membership canceled or employment status terminated.

Discrimination: treating people differently, negatively, or adversely because of: race, color, ancestry, place of origin, political belief, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, family status, or physical or mental disability.

Bullying: attacking and diminishing another by subjecting a person to unjustified criticism and/or trivial fault-finding, humiliating the recipient (especially in front of others), and/or ignoring, overruling, isolating, and excluding the recipient.

Poisoned workout environment: is behavior that creates a hostile or offensive place to workout. Examples include sexual, racial or religious insults or jokes, or abusive treatment of a member or an employee.

2) COVID-19 Policies

Proof of COVID-19 Vaccine is Required for All Members

  • All personal items water bottles, phones, masks, etc. must be kept in cubbies.  You may not put them on the floor or on equipment.
  • Disinfect all equipment after use.

3) SSF Sick Policy

You may not train with any cold symptoms whatsoever, including but not limited to:

If you have had potential exposure to Covid-19 in the last 14 days;
Have a fever (100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or higher) or a sense of having a fever;
Have a new cough that cannot be attributed to another health condition;
Have new shortness of breath that cannot be attributed to another health condition;
Have new chills that cannot be attributed to another health condition;
Have a new sore throat that cannot be attributed to another health condition;
Have new muscle aches that cannot be attributed to another health condition or specific activity (such as physical exercise);
You may not train at Sand & Steel for 14 days from the first onset of any of the above symptoms.

Policies When You Are Sick: To protect all clients and trainers, we won’t train you if you have visible symptoms of being sick. It doesn’t matter whether you are contagious or not. Exception: you have symptoms and a Dr.’s note that says you are not contagious. It’s impossible to sterilize every surface you might touch. Because we have a responsibility to our other clients, we will turn you away if you come to the gym sick or display any symptoms of being sick. You might say, “I’m not sick… it’s just allergies.” If it’s just allergies, take some Claritin and you won’t have any symptoms. Symptoms = no workout.

4) Checking In

Checking in: you are required to check in with your personal trainer, through the app, or online at our member connect portal. While coaches may remind you, it is ultimately your responsibility to check in. If you do not check in, the session will be counted as a no-show, even if you were in fact present.  It doesn’t matter if you sign the COVID-19 log either.  If you do not check-in, you will be assigned a no-show fee.

For the sake of any ambiguity, you should only check in to a session that you actually attend.  From time to time we encounter a member that tries to bypass our check in policy by checking into a session that they do not actually attend.  The first time this happens you’ll be issued a warning.  The second time, you’ll be charged a $50 false check-in fee.  Do not attempt to frustrate our check-in policy by checking into sessions that you did not attend.

5) Booking Policy

A) Personal Training

  • Personal Training Sessions may be booked 6 hours to 2 weeks in advance.
  • Early Cancellation is 24 or more hours before your scheduled session. Early cancellations are done through the website or app. Early cancellations have no cancellation penalty.
  • Late cancellations will result in you losing your session unless it’s for an emergency.

B) Group Classes

  • Group Classes may be booked 2 hours to 2 weeks in advance.
  • Early Cancellation is 2 or more hours before your scheduled session. Early cancellations are done through the website or app. Early cancellations have no cancellation penalty.
  • Late cancellations will result in a late cancellation fee $5 unless it’s an emergency (within 2 hours of the scheduled time).
  • No Show: you will be charged $10 as a no-show fee for taking another member’s spot and not attending the session.

C) Open Gym

  • Open Gym may be booked 1 hours to 2 weeks in advance.
  • Early Cancellation is 2 or more hours before your scheduled session. Early cancellations are done through the website or app. Early cancellations have no cancellation penalty.
  • Late cancellations will result in a late cancellation fee $5 unless it’s an emergency (within 2 hours of the scheduled time).
  • No Show: you will be charged $10 as a no-show fee for taking another member’s spot and not attending the session.
  • Open Sessions are one to two hours long.  Some sessions are front of the gym only.  Some are back of the gym only.  Most of them are full gym.  Just check the schedule for availability.  You cannot come in early (e.g. at 9AM when you book 10AM) or leave late stay until 1PM when you book your session at 10AM.)  It’s not complicated, book the time slot that you want to come into the gym.  You only need 1-hour notice to book your session online.

6) Membership Early Cancellation Policy

Your Membership Agreement will specify the duration of the membership.  If you need/want to cancel your membership early, you’ll need to provide 3 Months written notice via our cancellation form to cancel.  Requests to cancel the membership earlier than three (3) months will not be honored.  Once you provide your cancellation notice, we will adjust your account so that it terminates three months from the date we receive your cancellation notice.  Prepaid Memberships cannot be cancelled early for any reason.

Membership Renewal: After the initial membership Term has expired, this Agreement shall automatically renew at the same Term at the prevailing membership rate, which is subject to change, until I submit a request to cancel at I understand that there is no other way to cancel, and that I am responsible for all charges billed or incurred prior to cancellation. I further agree that my membership benefits are exclusive to me and are in no way transferable to anyone else. I understand that the terms and conditions of this agreement apply to any renewed membership.

No Time Extensions or Rollovers: There are no time extensions and there are no rollovers.

CrossFit Workout Plans: After your discounted first month, the membership will renew at $49/month until cancelled.

7) Reserved

8) Accidental Renewal / Refunds

Although we have explained how our autorenewal process works, on occasion, some members forget the above information and request a refund after their membership has renewed. If you request a refund after your renewal has been processed, you’ll be presented with an option to apply 100% of the renewal amount as a store credit (which doesn’t expire and can be used to purchase a future membership) or receive a refund minus a 20 % administration fee to cover the accounting, administrative, and credit card transaction fees involved with your return. Processing membership returns is very time consuming and expensive, which is why most gyms don’t offer refunds for any reason whatsoever.

9) Late Cancellation Form & Policy

If you would need to cancel your reservation within the time window, please review our Late Cancellation Policy and fill out the requisite late cancellation form.

10) Late Reservation Form & Policy

If you would like to reserve within the time window, please review our Late Reservation Policy and fill out the requisite late cancellation form.

11) Memberships

  1. Combo Unlimited includes: Unlimited CrossFit Classes, Unlimited Open Gym, Unlimited Specialty Classes, Free or Discounted Events, and 4 Free Private Sessions.  Combo Unlimited has a three-month contract.
  2. CrossFit 12 includes: 12 CrossFit Classes.

12) Time Extensions

We allow members to request an extension of time on Personal Training 5 Pack and Personal Training Pack 10 only. Requests for extension of time for other membership types will not be honored. Sessions do not Rollover over on Personal Training Memberships or Combo Memberships.

13) Hold Form & Policy

If you would like to put your membership on Hold, please review our Membership Hold Policy and fill out the requisite hold form.  Holds cost $20 unless you meet one of the exceptions (injury, illness, or military orders.)

14) Open Gym Rules

The Open Gym Rules available at apply to this agreement.  For everyone’s safety, you are required to follow these rules at all times.

15) Session Length

  • Personal Training is approximately 45 minutes long.
  • Group Classes are approximately 1 hour long – you can only book one group class session per day.
  • Open Gym is 1 hour long and you can book two classes per day.

16) Sneaker Policies

You’ll need a dedicated pair of sneakers for the gym.  We recommend Nobulls, Metcons, Nano, Innov8, Chucks, Yoga Socks, or similar.  Please make sure your shoes are clean when you enter the gym. This policy is designed to keep the gym clean, and your knees and ankles safe.

17) Personal Items

Do not leave any personal items in the gym after you leave.  Sand & Steel is not responsible for any items you leave in the gym.  Due to safety issues associated with COVID-19, Sand & Steel does not maintain a lost and found.  Items left in the gym after it closes will be discarded.
All Personal Items like Water Bottles, Keys, Phones, Masks, etc. must be kept in the cubbies in the gym.  Please see our social distancing article for more information.

18) Photography

A) Dawn and Paul, occasionally take photos and videos of clients in the gym. We use these photos for marketing and fostering an environment of positivity for all clients. We also share the photos with you during the session to make sure they like them. Photos that coaches take are uploaded to our smugmug account: We take care not to publish unflattering pictures, we’ll provide you a copy of the pictures, and make sure you look good to inspire others. If you don’t want your picture taken, just remind your coach during the session.

B) We do not allow personal trainers or members to video or photograph themselves in classes or open gym for commercial purposes such as: the promotion of their own training/nutrition service, a third-party fitness/nutrition service, and/or related fitness or nutrition products.  For members looking to take photos and/or videos of themselves for commercial purposes, a special commercial use license must be obtained prior to taking any photos or videos.  The cost of the special commercial use license depends on the nature of your use and products/services you are promoting.   Please contact us to request the appropriate form so we can provide you with an estimate.

19) Cancellations of Memberships

Cancellation of Memberships: from time to time, Sand and Steel Fitness discontinues certain types of memberships.  Generally, we cancel membership based on changes in the economy and/or global member preferences.  We may, at our discretion, cancel your membership at any time.  If we cancel your membership, we will determine the value of the unused portion of your membership (by the remaining time in the month and/or number of sessions.)  We place the value of this unused portion into your account as an account credit.  Account credits do not expire, and they may be used to purchase any membership type.  You will be emailed with screenshots of your account so that you understand you are being adequately compensated for the unused portion of your account.

20) General Items

Merger Clause: I understand that this Agreement and the Informed Consent document are the final, complete and exclusive statement of the agreement between the Sand & Steel and the Client with respect to the transactions contemplated herein, and all prior or contemporaneous written or oral agreements with respect to the subject matter hereof are merged herein.

Membership Updates: Sand & Steel reserves the right to update this membership FAQ from time to time.  Any major update to our membership policy will be distributed via newsletter and updated on this document.

CrossFit KORE
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