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CrossFit Open 2023

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Begins Sunday, February 19 at 8AM with Brunch at 10AM.
Experience the Fun and Excitement of the CrossFit 2023 Open.

Member + Patch

20 Memberships Left

CrossFit Open Ticket (for members) plus coupon for free Sand and Steel Patch.

20 Memberships Left

CrossFit Open Ticket (for members)

20 Memberships Left

CrossFit Open Ticket (for non-members) plus coupon for free Sand and Steel Patch.
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The CrossFit Open Experience

The Open is a once in year experience of competing with your friends, celebrating victories, and embracing all the CrossFit has to offer. The Open is an opportunity to challenges yourself, push your limits, and see how much you have improved. It only comes around once a year, and it’s not to be missed. The Open features three scalings, so athletes at all levels can compete and enjoy the Open experience. Your ticket helps cover some of the costs with judging, event planning, and additional time required to plan and host the open.

The CrossFit Open 2023 Dates

  • WOD 1: February 19 at 8AM-9:30AM
  • WOD 2: February 26 at 8AM-9:30AM
  • WOD 3: March 5 at 8AM-9:30AM

Score submission deadline is 8PM Mondays Est.

Sunday Brunch at 10AM

We have a shower in the gym if you want to shower before brunch.

Brunch Locations:

  • First Watch Bailey’s Crossroads. Feb. 19 at 10AM.
  • Murphy’s in Old Town. Feb. 26 at 10AM.
  • Café 44 Old Town North. March 5 at 10AM.

Burn the Brunch

Sand & Steel Trail Returns Sundays at 12PM

For those of you in our Weight Loss Challenge and worried about eating a couple extra calories at brunch, Sand & Steel will be leading 4-7 mile trail runs at 12PM. These will be recovery, base building runs for those of you who haven’t been running much over the winter. For those of you training for Spartan Races, the back-to-back experience is exactly the kind of training you need for the Spartan Race. Build the capacity for upper body training and running on the same day. As a bonus, by structuring our runs on Sunday after the Open, you don’t need to worry about being sore going into the Open.

Sand and Steel Patch

Choose the registration option “Member + Patch” to receive a coupon for 100% discount on the Official Sand and Steel Patch. You’ll receive the coupon code automatically. Then order the patch electronically. You’ll receive your patch during the CrossFit Open.

Patch Sand and Steel

The CrossFit Open 2023 is For Everyone!

When people think of the CrossFit Games they think of men and women that are in impossibly good shape doing workouts that are not even approachable by most people.  The CrossFit Open isn’t like that.  Yes the Rx variations are very challenging (with complex techniques like muscle-ups and double unders.)  However, CrossFit provides scaling based on age (so those of us other 40 or even 30 get an easier version.)  Additionally with the addition of the foundations class, everyone will be able to participate.

Register at CrossFit.com

Just select “Sand and Steel CrossFit” as your gym.  If you don’t have a CrossFit.com account you’ll need to create one. Registration with CrossFit is also required if you’d like to receive an official score and ranking.

3 Epic Workouts

Join the Fun of the CrossFit Open. It only happens once a year. CrossFit.com tracks your progress against athletes across the world. The Open is Back and we are excited to again be an Official 2023 CrossFit Open Host. CrossFit Open Workouts will be hosted on Sunday Mornings at 8AM. Your registration covers all three workouts.

CrossFit Open 2023 Event Info

Three Scalings to Choose From

  • Rx: best for very experienced athletes that regularly complete Sand & Steel workouts at the Rx Level.
  • Scaled: best for intermediates athletes that regularly complete Sand & Steel workouts at the Intermediate Level
  • Foundations: best for new athletes and anyone isn’t sure they are fit enough to complete the Open.

The CrossFit Open is for Everyone! We will help ALL members of ALL fitness and skills levels participate and enjoy the Open. So register today and let’s do this together! -Sand & Steel Fitness

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CrossFit Open 2021 Registration Alexandria
CrossFit Open 2023
From: $20.00$10.00