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The CrossFit Open is a once in a year experience filled with competing with your friends, celebrating victories, and embracing all the CrossFit has to offer. The Open is an opportunity to challenges yourself, push your limits, and see how much you have improved. It only comes around once a year, and it’s not to be missed. The Open features three scalings, so athletes at all levels can compete and enjoy the Open experience.

Your Registration Includes:

  • Free CrossFit Open T-Shirt (signup by December 31, 2023).
  • Snacks and Apps after the workouts.
  • First 10 people get a free Registration ($20 Value).1
  • Customized Medal for members of the Winning Team – take it home or display it in our new trophy case.
  • Spirit of the Games! 2 Free Personal Training Sessions with the coach of your choice.2
  • Judging, event planning & staging, and tons of excitement. It’s the biggest event of the year!

Sand & Steel is an Official Host for the Open

We are an Official host for the CrossFit Open. Our in-house competition is called the Sand & Steel Affiliate Cup.

Bring the Whole Crew!

Bring your kids, your spouse, your friends, and your co-workers. Have them cheer you on as we take on the 2024 CrossFit Open!

Teams & Shirts

We will have four teams this year. Teams will be balanced … each team will have at least one beginner, intermediate, and Rx Athlete. Where possible, we’ll put you on the Team color you choose, but we cannot guarantee a team color, because we need to balance teams. Members that register earlier will have a greater chance of getting their requested team color.

Dates and Times

Friday Night at 6PM and Saturday Morning at 8AM

  • WOD 1: February 23 at 6PM-7PM | Makeup Feb 24 at 8AM
  • WOD 2: March 1 at 6PM-7PM | Makeup March 2 at 8AM
  • WOD 3: March 8 at 6PM-7PM | Makeup March 9 at 8AM

Score submission deadline is 8PM Mondays Est.


Part of the reason you joined CrossFit Sand & Steel was to become a part of the community. Your team needs you to join them in the trenches for these workouts. And we need your company at our afterparty at Port City. So signup and join us.

Saturday Brunch at 11AM

Join after your CrossFit Workout for Brunch at 11AM

  • First Watch Bailey’s Crossroads. Feb. 24 at 11AM.
  • Vola’s in Old Town. March 2 at 11AM.

Friday Night at Port City

  • March 8 at 8PM. Celebrate with your teams as we close out the 2024 Sand & Steel Affiliate Cup.

Countdown to the Open

The Open Begins in

Are you Ready for the Open?

Coaches Dawn and Paul got your back… expect to see 30-40 Open Prep Workouts between now and the first day of the CrossFit

What Exercises Should I Expect to See in the Open?

The workouts are a secret until the day before. However we know which exercises are tested more frequently in the Open. Here are the exercises we have seen in previous years.

CrossFit Open Prep Workouts. We will feature many CrossFit Open prep workouts to help you prepare. Starting January 15th, your attendance during our CrossFit Open Prep Workouts counts for 10% of your team score. Wear your Sand & Steel Games shirt for an additional 5% bonus. Simply log your workout in SugarWOD, indicate your team color, and whether you wore your shirt.

CrossFit Open Exercises Chart

Listing of exercises and frequency from 2011-2022
Exercise201120122013201420152016201720182019202020212022TotalFrequencySkill Level
Toes to Bar11.512.313.414.415.
Double Unders11.112.413.314.115.316.217.518.319.
Chest to Bar11.612.513.514.
Wall Ball11.512.413.314.415.316.417.419.120.5980%L
Barbell Snatch11.
Ring Muscle Up11.412.413.314.415.318.320.5763%H
Box Jumps11.212.313.214.317.120.421.2763%L
Burpee Over Bar11.414.516.118.219.420.122.2654%L
Bar Muscle Up16.317.218.319.421.322.3545%H
Overhead Squat11.414.215.218.3436%M
DB Snatch17.118.321.222.1327%L
Clean and Jerk11.313.420.4327%H
Handstand Walk18.419.320.3327%H
Push Press or shoulders to overhead12.313.2218%L
Single-Arm DB Hang Clean and Jerk18.119%L
DB Front Squat18.219%L
1RM Clean18.2a19%M
1RM Clean and Jerk15.1a19%H
DB Clean17.219%L
DB Lunge17.219%L
Barbell Overhead Lunge16.119%L
Push Ups11.219%L
DB Overhead Lunge19.319%L
Box Step-Ups19.319%L
BB Ground To OH20.119%M
DB Thruster20.219%L
Wall Walks21.122.119%M
Front Squat21.319%L
Barbell Complex21.419%M
Box Jump-Overs22.119%L

Scaling and Difficulty

Three Scalings to Choose From

  • Rx: best for very experienced athletes that regularly complete Sand & Steel workouts at the Rx Level.
  • Scaled: best for intermediates athletes that regularly complete Sand & Steel workouts at the Intermediate Level
  • Foundations: best for new athletes and anyone isn’t sure they are fit enough to complete the Open.

The CrossFit Open is for Everyone! We will help ALL members of ALL fitness and skills levels participate and enjoy the Open. So register today and let’s do this together!

Top 10 Concerns New Members Have About Signing up for the Open

  1. Myth 1: I am not in good enough shape. The CrossFit Open features beginner and intermediate scalings. The Open is deliberately designed so that all members can do it.
  2. Myth 2: I can’t do handstand walks, muscle-ups, etc. Again, advanced techniques like this only apply to the Rx scaling. You will have appropriate alternatives available to you.
  3. Myth 3: I am just doing CrossFit for my health. Community is a big part of why CrossFit works. Being part of a community helps you improve your mental and emotional health. People that participate in community events get better results and are more satisfied with their experience.
  4. Myth 4: I can’t win the Open. That’s probably true, but you shouldn’t worry about winning. You should think of the Open as motivation to train this year and the next. It’s the same reason people register for a race. People run to get into shape, they signup for races for additional motivation to run.
  5. Myth 5: The Open is too hard. The Open is only as hard as you make it. Running a 5K can be very easy or very hard depending on how hard you push it.
  6. Myth 6: I’m not competitive. The Open isn’t about competing with anyone. It’s about working together a community and supporting each other’s successes. You are part of a community and you should be here to support your friends.  Start paying it forward and supporting others, and you’ll find CrossFit will pay you back 10-fold.
  7. Myth 7: It’s too expensive. Really?  Sand & Steel dedicates about 60 hours collectively to prepare and host the open. We pay for a judge’s course every year to be qualified to judge the Open. We pay our own registration fees to compete in the Open as well. We host the Open for you – so you can experience everything that is special and wonderful about the Open and the Community. 95% of members who signed up the Open last year, are already signed up this year. It’s 50 bucks for the best 3 weeks of CrossFit you’ll experience all year.
  8. Myth 8: I can’t commit to coming 3 times. The Open is hosted everywhere if you are traveling during the Open. Plus, let’s be honest, it’s unlikely you can’t make Friday nights or Sunday mornings. If you really can’t come to one of the classes, you can upload a video of your workout to
  9. Myth 9: I’m not ready to do the Open. Everyone can do the Open. Truth is, you’ll always feel like you aren’t ready. You can always be in better shape. I feel that way too. I should be better at cleans, better at bar muscle-ups. I’m slow on burpees and slow on box jumps.  SO WHAT? I will do the best that I can. I know that I have a whole team of people doing it with me. My friends will be there to congratulate me and celebrate with me afterwards. That’s the magic of the Open and that’s why I do it year after year. You should too!
  10. Myth 10: It’s just not for me. What do you mean “it’s not for you?” Having fun is not for you? Working out is not for you? Supporting your friends is not for you? You joined CrossFit precisely for the same reasons that we host Open. It’s 100% for you!

The Open is a magical time of year for the CrossFit community, uniting affiliates all over the world as we persevere through each workout and celebrate every success — big or small — along the way.

Whether you’re brand new to CrossFit or a seasoned veteran, the Open has a version of each workout that is just right for your current ability level — everyone can play!

  • Hoping to advance to Quarterfinals? Great! Let’s start training hard to prepare for the Rx’d versions of each workout.
  • Just looking to challenge yourself? Awesome, Keep showing up to class and when the Open workouts get announced, it’ll be like any other day in the gym.
  • Pursuing accountability and commitment? There’s no better way than signing up and making it official.
  • Eager and proud to represent your affiliate community? Get on that leaderboard!
  • Just want to have FUN? You’re in the right place.

Whatever your reasons are, participating in the Open not only shows support for the larger CrossFit community, but it builds up our unique affiliate community, too. When you sign up for this global event, you’ll inspire others to do so, too, pointing us all in a direction of improved fitness.

Taking on new challenges, pushing your limits, and testing your fitness are big parts of CrossFit, and there’s no better chance to do all three than the CrossFit Games Open.

So have you signed up at yet? Talk to your coach if you still have questions — we’re looking forward to seeing your name on our affiliate’s Open leaderboard!

The CrossFit Open 2024 is for Everyone!

When people think of the CrossFit Games they think of men and women that are in impossibly good shape doing workouts that are not even approachable by most people.  The CrossFit Open isn’t like that.  Yes the Rx variations are very challenging (with complex techniques like muscle-ups and double unders.)  However, CrossFit provides scaling based on age (so those of us other 40 or even 30 get an easier version.)  Additionally with the addition of the foundations class, everyone will be able to participate.

4 Amazing Teams
3 Epic Workouts, and
an Experience of a Life Time

Join the Fun of the CrossFit Open. It only happens once a year. Don’t miss it!


  1. Don’t forget you’ll also need to register at CrossFit has your official score. The first 10 people that register at CrossFit’s website get a free $20 pro-shop gift card to cover your CrossFit registration fees.
  2. Award given to the man and woman that best exemplifies leadership, support, and community inside and outside the Affiliate Cup.


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