CrossFit Refined

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Simpler Exercises for a More Refined CrossFit Experience.

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CrossFit Refined is a specially developed CrossFit class where the focus of the programming is on the intensity of the workout, not on the complexity of exercises.  CrossFit Refined is excellent for beginners who are still working on improving their technical skills.  This class works well for members with injuries as we handpick easily scalable exercises.  CrossFit Refined is for everyone.  A workout can be easier technically, but not necessary easy to do.  Here is an example:

CrossFit Refined Sample WOD

In 18 Minutes: complete 3 Rounds of

  • 400M Run
  • 20 Dumbbell Thrusters

then AMRAP

  • 20 Ring Row / 10 pullups
  • 20 calorie row

Score Rounds completed.

This sample WOD (Workout of the Day) is easy from a technical perspective (thrusters and rowing are easy to learn), but this workout is not easy to do.  Stronger athletes will complete more rounds, but be just as challenged as our beginners.  Checkout CrossFit Refined on our Specialty Class Calendar.


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CrossFit Refined
CrossFit Refined
From $136.00 Per Month