CrossFit Starter Pack

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Designed for members with one or more years of CrossFit experience. Starter Pack features Unlimited CrossFit, Specialty Classes, and Open Gym.

CrossFit Starter Pack – Semi-Private
4 Semi-Private CrossFit Performance Lab Sessions.
CrossFit Starter Pack – Private
4 Private CrossFit Performance Lab Sessions.
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CrossFit Starter Pack Includes:

Your Choice of 4 Private or Semi-Private Training Sessions:

  • Semi-Private CrossFit Performance Lab Sessions (1-3 people per class). CrossFit Performance Lab (Semi-Private) is taught by Coach Paul. Monday at 7PM and Sundays at 8AM.
  • Private CrossFit Performance Lab Sessions (One-on-one private sessions). CrossFit Performance Lab (Private) is taught by Coach Dawn, Alicia, Jose, and Cindy. Generally available: M-F 6AM-9AM and 3PM-8PM. Saturdays 8AM-12PM.

Why the Starter Pack?

Starting at Sand and Steel, we want you to spend time with the owners directly, tailoring your experience to provide you with a path to success. When the owners have seen your fitness level, movement patterns and exercise technique, they can better coordinate with our entire coaching staff to ensure you have the best experience possible. We provide that experience through the CrossFit Performance Lab.

What is CrossFit Performance Lab?

CrossFit Performance Lab teaches the more advanced CrossFit exercises. Exercises like: double-unders, muscle-ups, handstand pushups, pistols, rope climbs, and handstand walks.

  • Learn more challenging exercises of CrossFit.
  • Improve your technique on gymnastics and Olympic lifts.
  • Scaling on complex gymnastics exercises.
  • Identify & correct pattern faults in kipping and handstands.
  • Gain insight into sources of your own mobility and strength weaknesses so you can improve your own foundation.

CrossFit Performance Lab v2

Pick a Start Date

When you checkout you’ll be provided with an order comments field.  You can specify a date you’d like your membership to start.  The default is that it will start the date of your purchase.

When do I Start CrossFit Classes?

You can start your CrossFit Classes right away. We recommend you book your CrossFit Performance Lab as early as possible.

How Long Do I Have to Book CrossFit Performance Lab?

You have 3 months from date of purchase to use the 4 sessions.

Can I Purchase CrossFit Performance Lab Without a CrossFit Membership?

Yes, you can purchase it as a stand-alone service. Purchase your CrossFit Performance Lab sessions without a CrossFit Membership here.

New Members Only:

Existing members should contact Coach Paul if they are interested in adding a CrossFit Membership to their account.

CrossFit Unlimited & CrossFit Jump Start Membership

If you purchase this membership, you must also enroll in our CrossFit Unlimited or Jump Start Membership for three months. We require all new members to either enroll in the Starter Pack (experienced members) or Foundations (beginners).

CrossFit Unlimited Membership

CrossFit, Specialty Classes & Open Gym
$ 225 Per Month
  • CrossFit Classes
  • CrossFit Morning and CrossFit All Levels
  • PowerFit
  • Arms OCR
  • Butts & Guts
  • Beyond Stretch
  • FireFlow Yoga
  • Trail
  • Open Gym

Jump Start Membership

CrossFit, Mobility & Nutrition
$ 225 Per Month
  • Beginner CrossFit Classes
  • CrossFit Morning and CrossFit All Levels
  • PowerFit
  • Butts & Guts
  • Arms OCR
  • Beyond Stretch
  • FireFlow Yoga
  • Trail
  • Mobility Lab
  • Nutrition Lab

Inclusive Culture and Community


We support LGBT rights, all military branches, all body types, all religions, all races and all cultures.

Broad Spectrum

Improve your CrossFit Experience with nutrition, mobility, yoga, powerlifting classes.


We are a pay-it forward community. We sweat together, support each other, and inspire one another to achieve greatness.

Older Adults & Teens

We have many members CrossFitting in their 50s and 60s. For our teens, we provide modifications to help you get in shape safely.

CrossFit … The Best Hour of Your Day

YouTube video

Join our CrossFit Program

CrossFit is more than a gym, it’s a lifestyle.  CrossFit is a community of people bonded together by a shared vision of improving their health and fitness through constantly varied fitness.  CrossFit works because you are not doing it alone.  We are a pay-it-forward community. You have a team of coaches and an entire gym of friends who invest you in to succeed.

CrossFit is a Skill.  The Various Exercises Require DISCIPLINE and PATIENCE to master. We will teach you powerlifting, Olympic lifting, gymnastics, running, rope climbing and more. And you’ll get in the shape of your life doing it.


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