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The CrossFit Starter Pack includes a Skills and Technique Private Lesson, InBody Composition Scan, 1 Month of Classes, 2.2 pounds of whey isolate, and a Membership Consultation.

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This service is designed for Experienced CrossFitters that are considering joining Sand & Steel. Each CrossFit Starter Pack includes: a full skills and techniques assessment, InBody Composition Scan, a week of classes and open gym, 30 Day Supply of Whey Isolate Protein, and a Membership Consultation to go over all your options for Classes and CrossFit at Sand & Steel.


  • 1 Skills and Technique Private Lesson we will work together on fine tuning your technique on some of the more challenging barbells and CrossFit Gymnastics skills.  We will provide you with optimal scalings if you are a little rusty at some of them.
  • 1 Month of CrossFit Classes, Specialty Classes and Open Gym try out all of our classes and open gym options with our all access pass.
  • 1 InBody Scan you’ll receive a full body composition analysis with a printout.  The analysis will include total body fat, segmental muscle mass, inflammation levels, metabolic rate, and an estimate of how many calories to eat daily to obtain your goal weight
  • 2.2 Pounds of Whey Isolate Protein (Vanilla) Sand & Steel’s custom made pharmaceutical whey isolate.
  • Membership Consultation to go over all your membership options and help you get started at Sand & Steel

Available To

CrossFitters that have been CrossFitting for at least a year at a licensed CrossFit Affiliate.  CrossFit Foundations autorenews into our CrossFit Unlimited Membership, although you can select a smaller membership package during the membership consultation.

Setup Fee

An additional $25 setup fee is due on the date of your first class.

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CrossFit Starter Pack
CrossFit Starter Pack