Food and Drinks (Protein, Sparkling Water, Coffee)

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Drinks and FoodPrice
Oh Yeah Cookies and Cream$4.00
Myoplex Shred RTD Chocolate$3.00
Myoplex Muscle Mocha Latte$3.00
Muscle Milk RTD Cookies and Cream$3.25
Muscle Milk RTD Mocha Latte$3.25
Beef Stick Teriyaki$2.00
Beef Stick Sweet and Spick$2.00
Bang Sour Heads$3.00
Bang Purple Guava Pear$3.00
Perrier Lime$1.00
Perrier Watermelon$1.00
Voss Still$1.25
La Colombe Latte$3.00
Pellegrino Sparking Water$1.50
Naked Coconut Water$2.50

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