Equipment Drive

Suggested Amount: $25.00

New Equipment 2019

We are raising money to acquire some new strength and conditioning equipment to benefit all the Sand & Steel Clients.  New equipment is very expensive and we could use your help.

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New Equipment Drive

We are looking to invest about $3400 in some near Gear!  A Rogue Echo Bike, Thompson Fat Bells, a knotted climbing rope, and more.  But we could use your help.

Hitting Our $3400 Donation Goal
Free Gift with Your Donation
  • Donations over $50 receive a free copy of any of our programs in our XT60 Program.
  • Donations over $100 receive the free program and a free RockTape Taping Session.
  • Donations over $200 will receive the free program, free RockTape Taping Session, and a one-on-one personal training or yoga session with Paul or Dawn.
Donation Information
When you make a donation, please let us know if you’d like donation to public or anonymous. If you order equipment to our gym, just let us know to look at for it.

Ronnie Thompson Fatbells

This strength training tool adds some variety into strength training.  They are also are particularly useful in reducing shear forces across the shoulder.

  • Fatbells: 9 pounds (2)
  • Fatbells: 13 pounds (2)
  • Fatbells 18 pounds (2) – Purchased.  Anonymous Donor 🙂
  • Fatbells: 26 pounds (2) – Purchased.  Anonymous Donor 🙂
  • Fatbells: 35 pounds (2) – Purchased.  Anonymous Donor 🙂

Rogue Competition Kettlebells

Some new high kettlebells to replace our aging kettlebells would be a great feature.  You’ll notice these high-end kettle feature inlets to cushion the arm in the overhead position.

  • Competition Kettlebells 8KG (2)
  • Competition Kettlebells 10KG (2)
  • Competition Kettlebells 12KG (2)
  • Competition Kettlebells 14KG (2)
  • Competition Kettlebells 16KG (2)

Bella Women’s Barbell

Olympic Barbell for people with smaller fingers. Excellent for deadlifts and rows.

Knotted Climbing Ropes

Rogue’s best climbing rope features knots to help making climbing easier.  More experienced clients can skip the knots for an enhanced challenge.  Rope climb builds grip, legs, and works just about every muscle in the body.

Padded Foam Plyo Boxes

Padded Boxes offer much more safety than wooden boxes.  The interchangeable design allows for different height jumps and stepups.  The foam core protects you from bruised or scraped shins.

  • 6 Inch Box
  • 12 Inch Box
  • 20 Inch Box

Dip Belt for Belt Squats

Belt Squats are amazing substitute for regulars squats. They remove the loading of the spine. You need plyoboxes, a loading pin, and a dip belt.

Rogue Echo Bike

People have loved the assault bike so much, they rode off the pedals!  Sadly our current assault is in need of repair, so we are considering getting Rogue’s New Echo bike or make their Assault Bike’s premium grade version.

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