FireFighter Free Class Membership


FireFighter Free Class Membership. Open to Members of the Alexandria Fire Department, Springfield Fire Departments, Arlington Firefighters, and Fairfax Firefigthers

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FireFighter Membership Details

FireFighter Free Class Membership applies to: Members of Alexandria Fire Department, Springfield Fire Departments, Arlington Firefighters, and Fairfax Firefigthers.  The FireFighter discount applies to both active and retired fireman and firewomen. This discount also applies to paramedics, ambulance drivers, and other first responders.  Qualified Firefighters may use this service to get a one-month membership to Sand & Steel Fitness FIRE CrossFit & Yoga Class.

Free Classes for FireFighters in Alexandria VA & Springfield VA

Fitness Levels for Free Classes.  Firefighter classes are specially designed to help you with cardio vascular fitness and strength.  They will be coached at a more challenging level, because Sand & Steel Fitness knows you have the mental toughness it takes to complete a more challenging workout.  That said, like all workouts at Sand & Steel, safety of movement is paramount.  The workouts will be scaled to your level and modified for any past injuries you have.

Learn More about Sand & Steel CrossFit ClassesSand and Steel’s CrossFit classes in Alexandria VA follow Main Site (’s) programming very closely.  CrossFit extensive research on programming and it’s track record for improving fitness cannot be overstated.  When properly scaled by a qualified coach, CrossFit classes are challenging, engaging, and gold standard for getting in shape quickly.

Learn More about Sand & Steel Yoga Classes.  Sand and Steel’s Yoga Alignment 88 Class. Master the 88 base poses of yoga. Each base pose in yoga has 10-20 variations. We systematically find the best variation for you during the alignment yoga class. Each class features 15 unique poses that teach and modify for you. Once you know your variation of each pose, we flow the poses together into an individual crafted yoga vinyasa. Alignment 88 is uniquely designed to be challenging even for certified yoga teachers, while still being approachable to the absolute beginner.
CrossFit Class Requirements Footwear.  Please review’s Sand & Steel’s article on appropriate footwear for CrossFit Classes.  We do sell grip socks at our retail store if you don’t have time or finances to buy higher end shoes like Nobulls or Metcons.

Yoga Alignment 88 Requirements for Mats.  You’ll need to bring your own Yoga mat to our classes.  We do have a yoga mat rental service ($5/day) if you forget to bring your mat.

Get your Free FireFighter Membership at Sand & Steel Fitness

Booking Classes With Your Free FireFighter Membership at Sand & Steel Fitness

1 Purchase the FireFighter Free Class ServiceThe service is free, but you still have to buy it. Once you purchase the product you’ll be directed on the thank you page to create a Zen Planner Account.
2 Create your Zen Planner Account. Once you create your account, we’ll add your FireFighter membership to your account.  Once your membership and account is setup, you’ll need to register for the class.
3 Register for the Class.  Registration requires at least 6 hours advance notice. We don’t provide a “drop-in” service for FireFighter members.  All classes marked (FIRE) are free to Firefighters with an active Sand & Steel Fitness FIRE membership.
FireFighter membership expires after 30 days automatically.  At which time, you’ll need to buy this FireFighter Package again to renew.

FireFighter Discount

If the FireFighter membership is currently sold out, you can join the waitlist.  We also offer a 15% of Personal Training for FireFighters.  Government credentials are required.

Getting the Most out of your Free FireFighter Membership at Sand & Steel Fitness

We encourage all FireFighters members to fill out a New Member Intake Form.  This form helps us understand your movement history, experience, and goals better.  It helps us craft better workouts around your body.


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