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Functionally Fit is our 45 minute class designed for adults interested in improving fitness, flexibility, and preventing injuries.

Fitness Class for Seniors

Functionally Fit helps Alexandria and Springfield VA adults move better and build strength.  This specially designed class is programmed to help adults acquire and maintain functional strength.  Functional strength training helps reduce bone loss, improve balance, and reduce the risk of cardio vascular complications (like strokes and heart attacks.)

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The Functionally Fit Class is a 45-minute group workout that focuses on safety of movement and improvement of overall strength. The class comprises a warm-up, skills review, the workout, and finishes with a stretching routine.  Warm-ups are specially designed to initiate muscle engagement in the right areas before the workout. Reviewing skills builds the client’s confidence and proficiency with each exercise. After the workout, a custom stretching and cool down routine helps to relax fatigued muscles.

Functionally Fit is open to Everyone.   This class is designed to help everyone move better, decrease chronic pain, and improve range of motion.  Regardless of your starting point, the senior group fitness class can help you to move better and improve your health. We work with people that conditions like high blood pressure, heart disease, asthma, and diabetes can minimize the impact of these ailments through exercise. Our trainers will monitor your intensity levels and heart rate to ensure safety and help your body improve functionality. All Functionally Fit classes include mobility, warmups, and cool downs.

Senior Fitness Class 1
Build core and glutes strength and conditioning
Workout 1: Deadlift and Rowing

i. 10 Floor Bridges
ii. 10/10 Deadbugs
iii. 10/10 Knees 2 Chest
iv. 10 Supine Scap Wallslides
v. 10 Supine Protract-Retract

Skills work 
i. PVC Pipe Deadlift 5 – 10 min
ii. Rowing Technique Review – 2 – 3 min

Workout (3 to 4 rounds)
i. 10 Deadlifts
ii. 500M Row

Cooldown / Mobilize
i. Child’s Pose
ii. Seated Wall Hamstring Stretch
iii. Foam Roll Glutes / Lats / Thoracic Stretch

Senior Fitness Class 2
Strengthen Upperback muscles and posture
Workout 2: Shoulders

Warm-up – 10 – 15 minutes
i. 10/10 Protraction and Retraction
ii. 10/10 Standing Scapular Wallslides
iii. 10/10 W’s (bodyweight)
iv. 10 PVC Passthroughs

Workout (21 – 15 – 9) 
i. Kettlebell High Row
ii. Left/Right 1 Arm Supported Lat Row
iii. Alternating DB Curls

Cooldown / Mobilize
i. Foamroller Wall Angels
ii. Foamroller Lat/ Rolling
iii. Wall Chest/ Bicep stretch
iv. PVC Passthroughs/ Around the Worlds

Senior Fitness Class 3
Build left and right lower body strength and awareness
Workout 3: Lunges and Single Leg Deadlifts

Warm-up – 10 – 15 minutes
i. 15/15 Birddogs w/foam roller on back
ii. 10/10 Side planks

Skills Work
i.lunge mechanics(5 minutes)
ii.abdominal bracing

Workout (30:30 Work:Rest) 
i. Lunge Around the World (30 seconds each move) – Forward, Stepback, Side Lunges
ii. Kb Single Leg Romanian Deadlift

Balance Work
i. One leg hip flexion (1 min left/right)
ii. Warrior 3 Hold (1 min left/right)
iii. Baby pistol (1 min left/right)

Cooldown / Mobilize
i. Butt to Feet quad stretch
ii. Half-kneeling hip flexor stretch w/ TFL
iii. Wall Pigeon
iv. Wall Calf/Soleus stretch

Senior Fitness Class 4
Leg strength and conditioning
Workout 4: Squat and Box Jumps

i. PVC Good mornings
ii. Squat rock and mobilize

Skills work 
i. Squat fundamentals
ii. Hip hinge
iii. Abdominal bracing
iv. Knee tracking
v. Glute and hamstring recruitment

Workout (30-20-10)
i. Squats w/ theraband around knees
ii. Baby box jumps (step-ups if client can’t jump)

Cooldown / Mobilize
i. Foam roller Quad/It Band/Pririformis/Hamstrings

Senior Fitness Class 5
Improving motion through the pelvis and hips
Workout 5: Step-ups, Farmer’s Carry, and Transverse Ab’s

i. PVC Passthroughs
ii. Box squat to Stand

Skills work 
i. Step-up mechanics
ii. Single-arm Farmer’s Carry(pelvic & lat control)

Workout (EMOM)
i. Left 10 Box Step-ups
ii. Right 10 Box Step-ups
iii. Left Single-arm Farmer’s Carry (2 lap)
iii. Right Single-arm Farmer’s Carry (2 lap)

Cooldown / Mobilize
i. Lizard stretch
ii. Couch stretch
iii. Standing oblique/lat bent over stretch

Senior Fitness Class 6
Build core through flexion and extension of the spine
Workout 6: Core, Situps, Hi/Low Planks, Leg lowers

Workout (2 rounds each sequence)
a. Flexion & rotation
i. 15/15 russian twists
ii. 15/15 butterfly ab-mat situps

b.Extension & rotation
i. 15/15 Supine knee windshield wipers
ii. 20/20 Deadbugs

Cooldown / Mobilize
i. Cat/Cow
ii. Down-dog/Cobra
iii. Supine T-Spine Rotations



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Functionally Fit
Functionally Fit Class

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