Game Night. LOTR Risk & Sushi

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7:30PM January 22, 2022 Game Night returns after our 6PM Friday Night CrossFit.  Join us for LOTR Risk, Dominion, and Sushi from Sumo on Eisenhower Avenue.  Your donation covers food cost, delivery, and tip.

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Minimum: $22.00

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LOTR RISK Trilogy Edition – Main Event

Risk, as you know, is a classic strategy war game that has its own flaws.  Shifting alliances, games that never end, brutal losses, etc.  LOTR RISK Trilogy Edition fixes all of the problems with the classic edition with several key improvements.  Alliances are fixed — it’s good versus evil.  Many of the starting territories are predetermined to ensure balance.  The fellowship moves the ring from the shire to the Mordor, but evil can capture the ring anytime they control the ring’s territory.  If evil captures the ring, it’s game over for the good guys.  But if the forces of Gondor and Rohan can get the ring in Mount Doom, the forces of evil are destroyed.  This game improved combined with captains, side quests, fortresses, and a beautiful rendition of Middle Earth makes LOTR RISK Trilogy Edition an amazing game.  To give you an idea … used copies of LOTR RISK go for $180 each on Amazon.

Here’s a copy of the rule book.  Paul will provide everyone with a step-by-step overview of how to play this game.  The game setup is about 15 minutes and the length is 60-90 minutes.

The Battle For Middle Earth Comes to RISK

Walking Dead Monopoly – Side Quest

Walking Dead Monopoly plays just like the classic game of Monopoly but converts the entire theme into the Walking Dead Universe.  If you like the Walking Dead franchise, you’ll really enjoy this game.

As always … if you have another side quest game you’d prefer to bring, please bring it.  Add a note on which games you are bringing in the “reviews” section.  We discover new awesome games because our members bring them and suggest them.  I paired these two games together because the play length is about the same.

Sumo Sushi, Pho, and Japanese Food

Sumo Sushi is Paul’s personal Sushi Spot in Alexandria.  If anyone wants anything specific from their very extensive menu, please include your request in the checkout notes.  They have Sushi of course, but they also have a full Japanese and excellent Pho as well.

Our Next Game Night … New Year’s Eve?

Are you interested in a New Years Potluck and Game Night?  Let us know in the reviews section of this post.

  • Do you have the board game Scythe by Stonemaier?  We are thinking about playing it for New Year’s Eve.  Do you have a copy you can bring?
  • Is anyone interested in a trivial pursuit game night?  We have the Lord of the Rings and Star Wars editions.  We also hear the Star Trek Version is great and Harry Potter.


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LOTR RISK Trilogy Edition
Game Night. LOTR Risk & Sushi
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