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24 Group Classes in Alexandria VA | Springfield VA.  Book any group class including: CrossFit, CoreFit with TRX, Yoga Flow, Yoga Alignment, Powerlifting, Mobility TuneUp, Olympic Lifting, and SeniorFit.

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Purchasing Group Classes

Group Classes start December 1, 2019.  All expiration dates will automatically be extended until the first classes are available.

Group Classes Include:

CrossFit Beginner, CrossFit, CoreFit, Yoga Flow, Yoga Alignment 88, Beyond Stretch, Nutrition Class, and SeniorFit.

  • CrossFit Beginner: Master the 9 foundation exercises of CrossFit with beginner-friendly, intense workouts. Includes Exercise Guide
  • CrossFit Advanced: Strength, Conditioning & Gymnastics. Learn proper lifting technique & Mobility. Includes Workout Tracking.
  • CoreFit: Zero-impact, easy-to-learn exercises in a fun, high-pump atmosphere. Includes Heart Rate Tracking.
  • Yoga Alignment 88: master all 88 base poses. Build strength & Flexibility with custom pose-scaling in real time. Includes Worksheet.
  • Yoga Flow: Flows like Bikram & Ashtanga + unique flows like the Fireflow & Powerlifting Flow.  Includes Flow Worksheet.
  • Beyond Stretch: Build flexiblity and strength at the end of your strength at the end range of motion. Based on FRC & Kinstretch.
  • Nutrition Class: The same Nutrition Framework as our private Nutrition coaching in a group environment. Bring your food journal.
  • SeniorFit: for older adults, this class features age appropriate exercises emphasizing functional strength training & conditioning.

* We care about your safety, and want to make sure you have the necessary prerequisite knowledge to take these classes. If you are new to CrossFit, please start with CrossFit Beginner.  If you are new to Yoga, please start with Yoga Alignment 88.

Drop-in Group Classes

A word of caution about drop-ins — if no one else has registered in advance, there won’t be an instructor available.  So if you are dropping in, make sure other members have registered for the class by checking the schedule.

Registering in advance is helpful to your coaches so that we can think through individual modifications before your session.  If you want to take a class without an active membership, you can use our drop-in feature.

Checking the CrossFit WOD (Workout of the Day)

CrossFit members can view our upcoming workouts at on Beyond the Whiteboard.


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24 Class Pack Group Classes
Group Classes 24 Pack

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