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Personal Training, Mobility, CrossFit, and Yoga Training Deposit.

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The Mentorship Program is designed to help you learn how to coach better, increase your retention rate, and show you how to generate new clients.  It also pays for the substantial costs involved in hiring a new coach.  The Fee for Mentorship Program will be returned to if you comply with the terms and conditions set forth in your employment offer.

Why A Mentorship Fee?

Learning how to get clients to book you takes experience and know-how.  You will have to hustle to get work, but Paul will teach his tried and true method.  We charge a Mentorship fee to dissuade coaches that aren’t serious from applying.   If you put in the work, you’ll get the fee back.

Getting Clients to Book With You

  1. Ask Paul to provide you with a report of clients that haven’t been in the gym for 2-4 weeks.  Call these clients… and see if you can help them book your sessions.
  2. Did someone quit recently?  Contact those clients and offer them training at the same time.
  3. Check for any clients that haven’t been coming in recently.  Check their charts and offer to train them on a program exactly in-line with why they came in.
  4. Offer to book the client at the end of the session.
  5. Check what time existing clients book, and offer to book their next session.
  6. Volunteer to co-coach with Dawn or Paul.  This gives you an opportunity to meet new clients.
  7. Come on Saturday mornings… we see the most number of clients 8AM-11AM on Saturdays.
  8. Take a free with Paul.  You get 4 per month so use them.
  9. Take photos and videos and upload them to Smugmug.  The more you contribute, the more Sand and Steel will promote you.
  10. Ask for marketing work!  We have lots and lots of marketing work to do.  Ask for it, before you need it.
  11. Keep building your bio — it can always be better.
  12. What you did for marketing last month or even last week doesn’t matter.  Marketing is a continuous effort — that reaps rewards for those who are consistent.
  13. Stopping sitting on your ass expecting clients to come to you.  Paul has 30 certifications and owns an entire gym.  Work doesn’t come to him — even he has to hustle to get clients.  If you are not willing to do that, you should rethink your careers plans.

We’ll teach you:

  • For Personal Trainers we’ll teach you Complex CrossFit techniques, TRX exercises, and kettlebell moves,
  • For Yoga Teachers we’ll teach you Bikram, Iyengar, Rocket, and Astanga Flows
  • Teach you how to program and modify workouts,
  • Mobilize muscles and improve range of motion,
  • Determine correctional exercises to repair injuries,

You Will:

  • Shadow more experienced coaches to learn how to coach,
  • Co-coach with senior coaches to get better at coaching,
  • Provided with specific materials to improve your knowledge base,
  • Receive direct feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of your coaching sessions,
  • Learn how to coach in a team environment,
  • Create a Bio to generate more clients for yourself.

Forging the Elite Yoga Teacher & Personal Trainer

The Mentorship Program covers:

Master Mobility and Corrective Exercises

  • Learn how to leverage M|WOD, FMS, and Kit Laughlin’s Methodology
  • Learn how to utilize PNF Stretching Techniques to improve yoga
  • Learn how to Select the Right Asanas for the right client
  • Learn how to modify existing programs without sacrificing results
  • Learn the Iyengar, Astanga, Bikram, and Rocket Sequences

Exercise Techniques

  • Barbell Technique (Powerlifting and Olympic Lifting)
  • TRX, Exercise Tubing, Rip Training Technique
  • Kamagon, Surge, and Vipr Technique
  • KettleBell and Dumbbell Technique
  • SandBag, Sandbell, Medball Technique
  • Clubbells and Mace Technique
  • Gymnastics and Body Weight Training

Coaching Skills

  • Movement Cuing, Scaling,
  • Biomechanics and Programming, and
  • Anatomy and Corrective Exercises.

9 reviews for Mentorship Program

  1. 5 out of 5

    Brennen Mayes

    The training is very much worth every penny. Recently getting certified with NASM, I thought I was already ready to be a great trainer. But the training from Sand & Steel actually teaches you to really be a great “Coach” and how to actually apply what I learned from studying with NASM. After completing this training, I felt ready to work in any gym, anywhere. This training helps you become a real “Fitness Professional.”

  2. 5 out of 5

    Daniel Ward

    There isn’t a better place than Sand & Steel in the area. The coaches qualifications go above and beyond to provide quality service and their skill sets can suit any clients needs. Clients are always gracious and thankful for the services provided, which inspires you as a coach to continually improve and sharpen your skills. Whether you want to go from a couch to 5k, get back in shape, or commit overhaul of lifestyle changes, Sand & Steel coaches will provide you every resource to reach your goal.

  3. 5 out of 5

    Max Rand

    I started my personal training career recently certified through the American Council of Exercise. My first position in this industry was at 24 hour fitness. With little emphasis on body mechanics, functional movement, and mobility, my job was more or less a sales associate. Trainers were more likely to spend time cold calling than perfecting there craft.

    With aspirations of becoming a better trainer, I found Sand and Steel Fitness. Both Paul and Dawn are knowledgeable and experienced in the field of Fitness. Through there combined multiple certifications, research of industry trends, and passion for fitness, they provide a standard for execution that is hard to find in another gyms. If your willing to put in the time and effort to learn to become a seasoned and knowledgeable trainer , this is an excellent opportunity.

  4. 5 out of 5

    Brock Flint

    The gym is not only ran and led by great coaches it is a community. Every trainer takes a personal interest in their clients and each other. You receive a friendly greeting when you enter the gym. Not every gym takes a personal interest in their clients, Sand and Steel takes it to the next step, making you truly feel like a part of a community. The Owners take a personal interest in the health and welfare of the Trainers which translates in top quality for the clients. The owners work with and harder than the trainers in the gym.

    The programing is beyond the pale. I have been to more than 6 gyms around the United States with varying degrees of programing prowess. Dawn and Paul take a personal interest in knowing exactly what each movement does and tailor workouts to the client. They have extensive education and utilize it to the max. They are constantly learning new things and providing quality training to the Trainers.

    If you are looking for not just a gym, but also a family, Sand and Steel is for you!

  5. 5 out of 5

    Brian Leos

    I have worked in the martial arts and group exercise industry for the past 4 years. I have trained people of all ages and skill levels; everyone from children, working adults, and competitive athletes. I was mostly self taught, but I knew enough to help people safely and effectively achieve results. I knew that I would need to grow my skillset in order to better assist the people I worked with, and when I saw the Mentorship Program at Sand and Steel, I saw an opportunity to do just that.

    The level of coaching here is the highest I have experienced in the fitness industry. Dawn and Paul are both extremely knowledgeable and work to constantly build and improve themselves. The coaches here are insightful, helpful, and hold themselves to a high standard. I have been challenged and learned things that have refined my technique and broadened my understanding of exercise science. As an added benefit, I have also been exposed to marketing practices and techniques that are helping to diversify my skillset in ways that I had not considered.

    I highly recommend the Mentorship Program to anyone looking to enter the fitness industry. It is a great experience for those looking to learn and improve their coaching abilities, or for someone who is looking for a solid beginning to their fitness career; Sand and Steel is a great environment that can help anyone take their fitness career to the next level.

  6. 5 out of 5

    Matt Ervein

    Paul has set up an amazing opportunity for new coaches to learn to become professional level coaches. The onramp coaching program is a thorough outline of gym operations and what’s expected of you as a coach. It is a lot of information, but the tests at the end and the ability to access the program even after it’s completed, makes this program a valuable tool that I have used as a reference on multiple occasions.

    Definitely a recommended place to work.

  7. 5 out of 5

    Santos Palma

    My fitness career began about 4 years ago. I come from the sales side of things. Having run 2 global gyms I have a lot of experience working with clients and trainers of all different kinds. After running a big gym for a few years I got tired of the way the corporate offices treated customers. My goal has always been to help people be better, whether getting stronger or losing weight. The goal is to make sure the client is happy. Working for a corporation they goal was to make money, most of the time the client came second. I changed from sales to training and spent a year looking at different gyms in the area. I finally settled on Sand and Steel due to their incredibly high standard. This was the first place that actually tested my fitness knowledge and ability. My interview was not done in a suit and tie but in gym shorts and a t-shirt.

    The standard for coaching here is so high it almost seems absurd. However it is for the benefit of the client. As coaches we can become complacent and that can’t happen in our industry. Fitness is constantly changing and new information about the body is being learned every day. At Sand and Steel the coaches are expected to be up to date with everything about the body, from simple exercise movements to the human anatomy and physiology. I’ve never seen clients get such quick results in such short times and it is all due to the amount of precious put into each individual client and their programming. When you’re a member at Sand and Steel Fitness you can

  8. 5 out of 5

    Rachel Garmon

    In the time that I have been with Sand & Steel Fitness I have grown more as a trainer than I ever did in a commercial gym. In a typical gym setting there is a focus on sales over clients; Sand & Steel Fitness flips the script and focuses on the client. They teach you to grow from Trainer to Coach to Fitness Professional

    This attention to detail given to each client is given to each and every trainer. The Coaching Certification goes into detail beyond what you will find in a textbook. They focus on real world application of movements. From training cueing to teaching the proper scaling for regressions and progressions. The equipment in the facility is top of the line , meaning you are learning to grow while using the best equipment. Since Sand & Steel Fitness seeks to train clients in the best and safest way possible they have a wide variety of unique equipment to use. I have learned how to implement Kamagons and Viprs into client programs as well as my own programs.

    They train you to be the best well rounded trainer you can be and support your growth. From Professionalism to making adjustments for clients on the fly Sand & Steel will help you grow.

  9. 5 out of 5

    Hannah Drexler

    The coaches here truly go above and beyond with every single client and every single workout they coach. Having gone through the mentorship program and becoming a certified personal trainer by Sand and Steel, I have completely changed the way that I view other training methods that I have experienced. Growing up an athlete I thought I knew a lot about staying fit and active, I have never been more happy to have been proved wrong. This gym and the coaches have completely reinvented the personal training game, taking time to analyze and break down every single fault in a movement pattern and taking the time to correct it instead of brushing it off and letting it happen. They take the time to figure out exactly what is causing this fault and through trial and error making sure that every client knows exactly how their body works and what they can do to help improve their mobility, strength and conditioning. This gym could not provide a more individualized experience and yet that is what the coaches are working to do everyday, bettering their skills and the programs. Sand and Steel is THE hidden gem of Alexandria.

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