Muscle Activation Techniques


4Pack: 30 Minutes Sessions

The MAT Method:

  • MAT is broken down into three groups: (i) Legs and Hips, (ii) Arms and Shoulder (iii) Trunk and Spine
  • Step 1: have the client perform specific movement and observe differences in range of motion
  • Step 2: clinician tests individual muscle strength of positions that don’t have symmetric range of motion
  • Step 3: clinician takes the client to specific muscle isolation techniques that strengthen the muscle that is deactivated
  • Step 4: clinician retests the muscle to make sure the muscle isolation technique “holds”

Offer Details

4Pack: Muscle Activation Technique sessions are 30 minutes long and you’ll get 4 separate sessions (so 2-hours total) .  Scheduling is done through our scheduling software (we’ll contact you once you order them.)  Sessions are good for 2 months.  We are unable to provide any refunds or exchanges.  This offer is open to new and existing clients.  1 Per Customer.

Diagnostic Testing Add-on:

Our Y Balance Test (YBT) provides concrete data on movement patterns before and after the MAT session.  You’ll able to get black and white proof of the sessions effectiveness.  Plus the Y Balance Test will allow the clinician to zone in on the areas causing you trouble more quickly.

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