Nutrition Challenge Fall 2023


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90 days to make the biggest improvement to your health and fitness. Winner takes home $250 in cash or $325 or store credit. 2-Pood Backpack Raffle Prize. Plus a fully catered awards banquet full of healthy foods and exciting judging as we crown a new winner. Nutrition is the single most important investment that you can make in your health and fitness. Signup today!

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Nutrition Challenge Fall 2023
  • Open Ceremony including: InBody and Nutrition Lab Session
  • 90 Day Challenge Running from September 1 – December 2, 2023.
  • Raffle Prize: Choice of Weight Belt, 2-Pood Gym Backpack, Bear Komplex Gym Bag.
  • $325 Service Credit (or $250 in cash) for the Challenge Winner.
  • Catered Deluxe Awards Banquet on December 2, 2023 at 10AM to determine a winner.
  • Online Nutrition Coaching through Discord on Sundays.
  • Sunday Discord Check-in.
  • One Raffle Ticket to Win a 2-Pood Backpack.
Official Rules
  • Winning: like Survivor you’ll need to make your case to the jury (e.g., everyone else in attendance at the Finale) as to why you should be our 2023 Weight Loss Champion and take home the $250 cash prize. Each person will be provided 2-3 minutes to present why you think you should be the winner.
  • Weight Loss Bio Due Date: November 20, 2023. In order to be eligible to win, you’ll need to send us a weight loss bio to be in the running to win. Your weight loss bio must include your name and summary of your summary of your success and challenges. It may also include 1-3 pictures, a video, weight loss chart, and/or other supporting media files.
  • Before Pictures: pictures and/or video are very influential to other members to vote for you. Most people are happy to share their progress pictures once they have made the journey, but it’s not a requirement. You’ll want to take your before photos either way. It’ll be up to you whether you include them in your weight loss bio.
  • Muscle Building and Weight Loss: Everyone at Sand & Steel values building muscle as much as losing weight… so if your goals are to mostly build muscle… own it. Make your case to the jury.
  • Online Vote: In previous years, the winner has been decided by a single jury vote. This year there will be an extra jury vote from the Sand & Steel Membership. Sand and Steel Members will be able to vote based on your bios. The member with the most votes wins the extra jury vote.
  • Paul’s Vote: Paul will award an additional vote to the member that best supports his or her community of Discord. Check-in, answer member questions, and support community. Pay It Forward!


Sunday Online Check-in

Discord Check-in. Accountability to yourself and to our family starts with being open about your progress. Goals that are open, frequently talked about, and notorious are goals people reach. Join our Discord Server for our Nutrition Challenge Check-in every Sunday.

Nutrition Lab Schedule:

First Sunday of the Month

  • Lesson 0: Metabolic Syndrome, Cheat Meals, 10 Rules for Weight Loss, 11 Foods to Avoid, Using a Shopping List, Building Healthy Habits, 80 Superfoods you Should be Eating. | Sunday: 08/20/2023 at 10AM (Free)
  • Lesson 1: CrossFit Nutrition Resources. An overview of materials available to you from | Sunday: September 10, 2023 at 10:15AM
  • Lesson 2: Finding your Target Calories. The Weight Loss Calculator, InBody Interpretation, Nutrition Label Analysis. | Sunday: 10/08/2023 at 10:15AM
  • Lesson 3: Getting Smart About Eating Clean plus everything you need to know about organic foods. | Sunday: 11/03/2023 at 10:15AM
  • Lesson 4: The Nutrition Lab Cleanse: 85 Rules to build a bulletproof diet. | Sunday: 12/03/2023 at 10:15AM
  • Lesson 5: Eating for Success. 22 Rules for building a perfect diet. Meal Journal Review. | Sunday: 01/07/2024 at 10AM
  • Lesson 6: The Five Elements Rule – A simpler Approach to Building a Better Meal Plan. | Sunday: 02/04/2024 at 10AM
  • Lesson 7: Way Beyond Macros – Macros, Serving Sizes, Meal Plan Optimization. | Sunday: 03/03/2024 at 10AM
  • Lesson 8: Make it Fast, Make it Right – Reading Nutrition Labels, Speed Tips, Weekend Prep, and Meal Delivery Services. | Sunday: 04/07/2024 at 10AM
  • Lesson 9: Glycemic Impact. Understanding Glycemic Load, Glycemic Index, and Glycemic Impact. | Sunday: 05/05/2024 at 10AM
  • Lesson 10: Restaurants and Travel. | Sunday: 06/02/2024 at 10AM
  • Lesson 11: The CrossFit Nutrition Regimen. | Sunday: 07/07/2024 at 10AM
  • Lesson 12: Sports Nutrition and Supplements. | Sunday: 08/11/2024 at 10AM

Weight Loss Competition FAQ

Member Results

Real People, Real Members, Real Stories

Weight Loss Challenge Spring 2023 Results

We are proud to introduce our five weight loss competition finalists.  Win or lose, all five of these competitors took home better health, more energy, and better fitness. Please read about their journeys, and come vote for a winner at the 2023 Weight Loss Challenge Finale. 10AM, Saturday, April 1, 2023.

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Weight Loss Challenge Fall 2022 Results

We are proud to introduce our five weight loss competition finalists. Win or lose, all five of these competitors took home better health, more energy, and better fitness. Please read about their journeys, and come vote for a winner at the 2022 Weight Loss Challenge Finale. 9AM, Sunday November 20, 2022. Food and InBody’s will be served!

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If It Wasn’t for the Weight Loss Challenge… I wouldn’t have lost the Weight.Stephen Gunderson. Runner-up Spring 2023 WLC
This is the first time I have ever been able to see my abs!Sean Dunphy. Finalist
After the Weight Loss Challenge, I am no longer prediabetic, my A1C is normal, and I lost 30 pounds. I’ll be back next year to lose another 30 pounds.Henry Henderson. Winner Spring 2023 WLC
Zero Profit Event
The Weight Loss Challenge (WLC) is a zero-profit event for the gym… we give a 100% of the proceeds back to you in terms of perks, food, bonuses, and rewards. So please encourage others to register, as it helps more people lose weight and makes it a better event for everyone.

My 90 Day Results in the Fall 2022 Competition

It’s been 1 year since I started the Nutrition Lab as a class and I’m hungry for more. So join me this Septembers and let’s do it again! – Coach Paul

Nutrition is the Foundation of My Performance

  • Weight Loss: In the 90 days, I lost 22 lbs of body fat and put on 4 pounds of muscle mass. Yielding a net result of -18 lbs. I fell better and I perform better.
  • Performance: But the biggest surprise to me is how much eating better helped my workout performance.  I saw about a 25% improvement in my workouts in the first 30 days.  Imagine that, performing better when you eat better.  Shocking, but most people don’t appreciate how this matters. If you workout better, you can build more muscle.
  • Mobility: I feel better and my mobility has improved. For the first time ever, I was able to do side crow in yoga. That doesn’t sound like much, but I have attempted and failed to do that pose for 5 plus years.

Nutrition Lab

Nutrition Lab and Meal Plans

Nutrition Lab

Sand & Steel Offers Personal Training and CrossFit Classes to help you get into shape. Since diet is a big part of weight loss, we offer Nutrition Lab on Sundays to help you eat and perform better.

Nutrition Lab is a  comprehensive, nutrition program for weight loss and better health. Taught in a small group setting, gain accountability for your decisions and the power to make better choices for a healthier future.

We will help you design and implement a diet that works for your body. We’ll make sure you understand it; we’ll help you implement it; and we’ll hold you accountable for following it. Nutrition Lab is about taking back control over what goes in your body, so you can look and perform at your best.


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