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Open Gym Plus includes our Barbell Club and Iron Mind Grip Equipment. Work with premier level barbells like Rogue Fitness and Texas Powerbar.

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What is Open Gym Plus?

Open Gym Plus includes Barbell Club and Grip Club. Work with premier level barbells like Rogue Fitness and Texas Powerbar.  Open Gym Plus includes both Barbell Club and Iron Mind Grip Club.

Open Gym Plus vs Open Gym

Open Gym Plus includes all the equipment taped off in red.  For most members, our Open Gym Membership is sufficient.  We have standard barbells (Rogue Ohio Bars and Bella Bars) are a big step up from the equipment you may have used at other gyms like Oneliftness or Gold’s Gym.  Having a barbell club membership is only necessary if you want to use the equipment designated for barbell club members.

How is our Barbell Club Different than Personal Training?

Our senior coaches have a barbell club membership and they are allowed to select barbell club equipment for you.  Either way, in a personal training session, you don’t need to worry about equipment, because your personal training will select the appropriate equipment.

Barbell Club Membership Requirements

You’ll need to have at least two years of powerlifting, Olympic lifting, or CrossFit experience.  Take care of this equipment like it’s your own.

Can I Still Do Powerlifting or Olympic Lifting at Sand and Steel without Barbell Club?

Yes of course.  You are welcome to do CrossFit, Powerlifting, or any other form of barbell work at Sand and Steel.  Barbell club is designed for people that want to use the highest quality barbells and plates we offer.

Which Barbells Are Available in Barbell Club?

  • 2 Rogue Pyrros Women’s Stainless Steel Barbells. Certified by the IWF (International Weightlifting Federation)
  • 1 Rogue Fitness Olympic Weightlifting Bar in Black Cerakote. Certified by the IWF (International Weightlifting Federation)
  • 2 Rogue Ohio Power Bars Stainless Steel Barbells
  • 1 Rogue Men’s Cerakote Operator Bar
  • 1 Rogue Women’s Cerakote Operator Bar
  • 1 Texas Powerbar Cerakote
  • 1 Texas Deadlift Bar Cerakote (coming soon)

Which Bumper Plates Are Available in Barbell Club?

  • Hi-Temp  Gorilla Bumper Plates 65 pounds each
  • Rogue Color Echo Bumpers 10s
  • Rogue Color Echo Bumpers 15s
  • Rogue Color Echo Bumpers 25s
  • Rogue Color Echo Bumpers 35s
  • Rogue Color Echo Bumpers 45s
  • Rogue Color Echo Bumpers 55s
  • One Fit Wonder: 15s
  • One Fit Wonder: 10s


  • Rogue Proloc Premium Chain Collars
  • 15 LBS and 10LBS Chain Kits
  • Kubuki Strength Exercise Band Collars

Ironmind Grip Club Included

  • Full Select of Iron Mind Grip Equipment

Other Equipment for Barbell Club Members

  • Deadlift Jacks
  • Olympic Platform
  • Rogue Fitness Aluminum Collars


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