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After your buy this free product, we’ll send you the Job Application form and information.  Once you fill out your job application form, we will schedule an interview with you.  We are looking for Entry Level and Senior Level Personal Trainers, Yoga Teachers, and CrossFit Coaches living in Alexandria VA, Arlington VA, FairFax VA, and Washington DC.

Jobs and Salary Information: Personal Trainer, Yoga, and CrossFit

To request a job interview at Sand & Steel Fitness, please purchase this free product.  We’ll follow-up immediately with information on how to send in your job application and schedule your interview.

New Coach Perks
New Coaches Start with Guaranteed Hours. Additionally, we pay $200 per completed blog post.
Job Hours
Once you complete training, you can work any hours you like. You get both complimentary open gym access and a free group class membership. We also have employee parking.
Work with an Elite Team
We provide a learning environment for both members and coaches, we will teach you to be a better coaches. We are team focused. All clients work with all coaches

Coaching @ Sand & Steel

Sand & Steel Personal Trainers provide personalized attention, professional instruction, and exercise programming to each member to maximize the member’s health, fitness, and wellness goals while providing the highest level of customer service. Join us and discover a dynamic work environment built around helping others maximize their potential, where limitless opportunity is cultivated by the highest in industry standards across training, education, marketing, media and sales.

Personal Trainer, CrossFit Coach, Yoga Instructor, Job Opportunity

  • Flexible hours (work as many hours as you like)
  • Guaranteed Coaching Hours Are Available when you Start.
  • Guaranteed Hours for Blog Posting (optional for the coach)
  • Pay-period, monthly and annual bonus opportunities
  • Benefits such as medical and vacation days for full time.

Entry Level – Job Qualifications

  • Certification from (NASM, ACE, ACSM, NCSF, 200HR, or CrossFit)
  • At least six month of experience
  • CPR/AED Certification
  • Personal Training Insurance

Senior Level – Job Qualifications

  • Certification from (NASM, ACE, ACSM, NCSF, 500HR or CrossFit)
  • An advanced certification (kettlebells, powerlifting, FRC, etc.)
  • At least two years of experience
  • CPR/AED Certification
  • Personal Training Insurance

You don’t have to find new clients on your own. We don’t cold call clients for yoga or personal training. We don’t troll the floor of the gym looking for personal training clients. We Work Together to Find and Service Our Clients, And We Need More People on Our Team.

Marketing: You don’t have to find new clients. Sand & Steel has plenty of clients. We have optional paid opportunities for those coaches wanting to help with marketing (taking pictures, videos, attending events, writing articles, etc.)

Salary Information: Private Sessions: our private sessions are paid at your base rate, and you’ll be eligible to teach semi-private lessons after 2 month (2-3 times your base rate. Group Class (optional): New instructors receive guaranteed hours at their base rate.

Base Rate: Is based your experience, the quality of your job application, and your performance during your onboard training.

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Personal Trainer Jobs Alexandria

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