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The Starter Pack is the best package to buy when you starting out at Sand & Steel. In the Starter Pack, we’ll design and implement a training plan based on your specific goals. The Starter Pack includes a consult, assessment, nutrition, personal training, yoga, and more. The Starter Pack is appropriate for all athletes: beginners, high school athletes, active military, seniors, and older adults.

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Intro Personal Training Package

The Starter Pack Pro includes:

  • Programming Consult ($45)
  • Fitness Assessment ($99)
  • 3 Sessions Your Choice of: Personal Training, Yoga, Nutrition + Inbody, or Mobility & Movement ($345)
  • InBody 570 Composition Scan with Report ($70)

If Purchased Separately: $559

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Starter Pack Overview

The Starter Pack is designed for you to try out our services (personal training, nutrition, and private yoga sessions.)  Starter Pack has no term commitments outside the sessions that you are purchasing.  After you complete your Starter Pack, you’ll have the option to purchase additional sessions to continue your training.  The Starter Pack is eligible to new clients only.  Sessions expire 30 days from the date of purchase if not used.  All online sales are final.  After you purchase the Starter Pack, please book your first session here.

Learn more about the Fitness Assessment, Nutrition, and InBody Scan

Makes a Great Gift!
Comes with an optional professionally made electronic or printed gift card. Custom-designed with your name and the person you are giving the card to.

If you are looking to get a home workout plan, we recommend that you buy the Starter Pack and a Personalized Workout Plan.  The Starter Pack itself doesn’t include a client copy of a workout plan we build for you.

However, many clients opt to purchase the Starter Pack and add 5 personal training sessions and just write down the workouts they do in a notebook. This way you can do the workouts that were professionally scaled for you at home.  If you do that, you won’t need to purchase the personalized workout plan.

If you want us to type the workout plan for you, then you’ll want to purchase the personalized workout plan.

Personal Trainer Starter Pack Alexandria VA 22314

Certified Personal Trainer Specialties:

Strength, Powerlifting, Olympic Lifting, Kettlebells, Mobility & Movement (FMS & M|WOD), Flexibility, Private Yoga Sessions, Running Coach, Weight Loss, Nutrition, Boxing, & Senior Personal Training.

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The Sand & Steel Difference

Who We Are

Core and Lower Mobility

We are a boutique personal trainer studio. We handcraft and customize every workout. We integrate nutrition, movement, and flexibility into our personal training sessions. You only get one body, keep it safe, and make it the best you can.

We are Sand and Steel, Professional Grade Personal Trainers

Our Secrets to Success

Study your craft, take as many certifications as you can, and develop expertise in your specialization. Treat every client with respect and individualize every workout. There are no shortcuts to developing talent or getting referrals.

Love What You Do … and Do It Better than Anyone Else

How Sand & Steel Competes with Group Class Companies

There are many challenges to running a business.  Pricing pressure from inexpensive group class companies has forced us to improve.  We are an authentic personal trainer studio.  We deliver on the boutique gym experience and all the results associated with having your own personal trainer.  Think custom-made Italian Handbags – not massed-produced backpacks. While the rest of the fitness industry can sell memberships based on promises — we are real people and we have to sell results.  That is the way we started… and it will always be the way Sand & Steel is run.

The Sand & Steel Formula for Success

Sand & Steel builds new programs around your goals and their movement patterns.  We customize the training to your fitness levels (beginner to expert).  We mobilize the parts of your body that don’t move well.  We even customize your program for how you are feeling that day.  With a personal trainer, you get one-on-one customization and attention.  The result … a safer program that delivers faster results than the group model.  It costs more… because it delivers more.

That’s Who We Are … Real Coaches Who Train Real Clients

Personal Training and Therapy
Owned and Operated by Certified Personal Trainers
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Practicing Yoga with a Personal Trainer Overview (4)

Personal Trainer for Seniors
Personal Training for Seniors View our Article on Personal Trainer for Seniors

We train many clients who are 50-80 years old. For our older adult population, we build you a custom program considering your balance, range of motion, and previous injuries.

Your individual program will feature age-appropriate exercises designed to help you stay mobile, improve range of motion, increase strength, and decrease chronic pain.

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personal training for seniors older adults

Clients Recovering from Injuries

Paul Mobility and Corrective Exercise

We work with clients who have nagging injuries and chronic pain:

  • Injuries from Military and Air Force Tours
  • Old sports injuries like soccer and football
  • Group fitness injuries from CrossFit & Orange Theory
  • Scope-wise we work with people with chronic knee pain, neck problems, spinal reconstructions, shoulder issues, etc.

If you can get yourself to the gym, we can train you.

Integrated Weight Loss and Strength Training
For people looking to lose weight, move better, and get stronger, we offer a fully integrated system.  Many of clients start out having to lose 50-90 pounds to get to their ideal weight.  Regardless of where you are starting from, we’ll build a custom personal trainer program for you. Check out the Get Steel Strong Package for more details.
Experts in Mobility and Flexibility
We have built hundreds of custom stretching, balance, and mobilization protocols for clients.  Our Mobility and Flexibility training is designed for people who are prone to injury, naturally tight, or having trouble with balance.  Move better with less pain.
Power Lifting, Kettlebells, and Olympic Lifting
We love being strong and helping clients get strong.  We have strength and conditioning programs featuring the kettlebell, clubbell, vipr, and TRX Suspension Trainer.  Or step up to the barbell with our custom Power Lifting and Olympic Lifting Programs.  Learn the clean, the snatch, the jerk, front squat, deadlift, and swing with our Strength and Conditioning programming.

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Stretching for Olympic Weightlifting

The Fitness Assessment will determine strength, conditioning, recovery, mobility, stability, body awareness, and flexibility. You’ll perform various fitness and mobility tests:

Fitness Assessment

  • How fast you can row 500M
  • How much flexibility is in your shoulders
  • How much weight you can safely deadlift
  • How healthy are your ankle and hips, etc.

You’ll work up a good sweat from this benchmark so bring water and towel. We’ll use the data collected from this fitness assessment to write your first programmed workout. We’ll do that workout in your next personal training session.

Intro Nutrition Consult

Diet and Weight Loss Programs

Intro Nutrition consult includes:

  • Creation of target calories, protein, fats, and carbs daily
  • Setup of your myfitnesspal account, enter your target goals
  • Explain how to take photographs of your food.
  • Discuss timing associated with protein powder, BCAAs, Electrolytes
  • Explain how to Apply 5 Elements Rule to your meals
  • Draft a sample meal

While we do provide custom meal planning, coaching on specific supplements, diets using carb cycling, intermittent fasting, grocery lists, custom applications of Adkins, Zone, Paleo, etc., we don’t provide this level of service in the Intro Nutrition Consult (you’ll need to purchase the full BluePrint Weight Loss and Meal Plan service.)

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We care about your experience.  If your session is great, we want to know why you liked it.
Of course, should any session fail to meet your expectations, please fillout the following form to request a full or partial credit.

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