Personal Training Programming


Do Our Award Winning Personal Training Programming on your own in your home gym or our open gym.  Comes with a smart phone app so that you’ll have access to personal training program anywhere.

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Home Workout Program Details

We will place you into one of 60 different workout programs. We select your program based on your fitness assessment or teleconference. Most programs are 8 workouts a month. Your program will be provided to you on SugarWOD.  Through SugarWOD you have a copy of the workouts, so you’ll be able to repeat the workouts as often as you like.

Is Personal Training Included?

No, Personal Training is not Included.  This is the program only.

How Do You Know Which Program I Should Do?

Schedule a Free Consult and we’ll figure it out together.  If you’d like us to determine your program based on our Fitness Assessment, please purchase the fitness assessment here.

Can I Do My Home Program in Your Open Gym?

Yes, but you’ll need both a personal training program and an open gym membership.

What Equipment Do I Need?

It’ll depend on the program.  All of our programs can be done in our Open Gym.  If you need our professional assistance with updating the program to fit your unique equipment demands, you’ll need purchase a personal training session.

How to I Access my Personal Training Program?

Watch the following video tutorial for information on how to access your Personal Training Program.  If you have any questions please let us know.

Do You Have a List of the Kind Workout Programs You Offer?

You can view all of our workout plans here.

Can I Keep the Personal Training Program After I Cancel?

Your program is saved on SugarWOD.  You retain access to SugarWOD even after cancelling your membership.

How Can I Cancel?

Just fill out our cancellation form whenever your are ready to cancel.

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Personal Training Programming

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