LGBT Pride Pack


Pride Pack Sale.  30 Sessions of your choice.  Mix and match.  Personal Training, Nutrition, Mobility, Boxing, or Yoga.

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Sale is open to all members of the LGBT Community only.  Pride Packs are good for 6 months.  Mix and Match Session types. No substitutions.  This product cannot be combined with any coupon codes, gift certificates, etc.

Sand & Steel Proudly Supports the LGBT Community.  We employ gay and lesbian coaches.   We offer customized personal training programs.  So whether you are trying to look good on the soccer field, at Freddie’s or Cobolt, or just for yourself, we will build an optimized program for you.

We know what’s it’s like to just be tolerated at work, bars, and gyms, etc.  At Sand & Steel, all members of the LGBT community are welcomed and supported.  It’s a place where you can just be yourself, work on your weaknesses, and improve your health and appearance.

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LGBT Pride Pack

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