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Pride PairUp Throwdown Competition is our annual team-based Pride Celebration & Competition.

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Event Overview

You and two other teammates will work together to finish a challenging 35 minute synchronized CrossFit WOD. Then the Top 4 teams will face off in a single-elimination Olympic lifting showdown until one team remains. Trophies go to the top three finishing teams and MVP, a full brunch, beers on Paul, and bragging rights for the whole year.

Beginner Friendly Event

Sand & Steel is an all-inclusive gym that supports athletes of ALL FITNESS LEVELS.  Beginner-level athletes will have a significantly easier scaling than our more advanced athletes.  So if you are a beginner your exercises will have lower weights and be less technical than an advanced athlete.  On the other hand, if you are a more advanced athlete, we’ll be putting you through your paces with some heavier deadlifts and thrusters.

Bottom-line, everyone can do this event. If you an injury, we’ll scale it for you. And of course, we will carefully balance the teams so everyone has an equal chance to win.

Previous Event Ratings

Murph May 2021 was our previous event.  Out of the 30 people that attended:

  • The Overall Event Satisfaction Rating: 9/10
  • Did Sand & Steel Deliver on what was advertised: 10/10
  • Will you attend another Sand & Steel Event? 9.7/10

Bonus Discount

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Pride PairUp Throwdown Competition & Brunch 2021

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    Murph was awesome… definitely looking forward to this.

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