Personal Training Saver


Personal Training Saver

Our Saver Rate sessions feature one-on-one Personal Training at a discounted price.  Save big when you train with one of our Junior Personal Trainers.  All Junior Coaches are Independently Certified by an accredited association.

Reduced Rate Personal Training

Our Junior Personal Trainers are all certified by an Independent Third Party (American Council of Exercise ACE, National Academy of Sports Medicine NASM, etc.)  As part of our new hire process at Sand & Steel, Junior Personal Trainers must pass Sand & Steel’s Level 1 Certification to make Senior Coach.  Junior Personal Trainers have successfully passed our interview process and are diligently working on obtaining their Senior Personal Trainer Credentials.

Key Differences Between Saver Rate and Pro Personal Training

  1. Saver Personal Training Sessions are less expensive.
  2. Saver Rate Personal Trainers have less experience and fewer certifications.
  3. Saver Rate Personal Training Sessions can be only be used for Saver Rate Personal Training.
  4. Saver Rate Personal Trainer Sessions offer fewer customization options for specialized goals.  Junior Personal Trainer are only allowed to train you on programs they have written that Sand & Steel has preapproved.  They are simpler, but still very effective programs.

Sand & Steel currently has the following Personal Trainers

  • Level 1, Junior Personal Trainers (Mark and Jenn)
  • Level 2, Senior Personal Trainers (Brian and Max)
  • Owners (Dawn and Paul)

You can review the level of your Potential Personal Trainers, by consulting Our Team page.

If you purchase Reduced Rate Personal Training, you’ll only be eligible to book these sessions with our Junior Personal Trainers.  Whereas if you purchase the more expensive Personal Training service, you can book with all coaches (including Owners).

Reduced Rate Personal Training sessions expire after two months.

If there are no Junior Coaches available (e.g. they have been promoted to Senior Coach), we will put a credit on your account for your remaining sessions and cancel out your remaining sessions.

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