Seneca Creek State Park Trail Run


September 5, 2021 – we take on the Schaeffer Farm Trail in Seneca Creek State Park Maryland.  A beautiful trail with some moderate climbs will ensure a challenging and rewarding workout.  Afterward, we’ll head back to Alexandria for some well-earned margaritas.

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Event Logistics:

  • September 5, 2021.  9AM to 2PM
  • Trail: Schaeffer Farm Trail (about 1 hour from Alexandria, VA)
  • Margaritas Afterwards at Casa Tequila Bar and Grill

Run Details:

The trail we will be running is 8.6 miles, but it’s possible to shorten the run to 6 or 4 miles.  The run features a moderate elevation change (680 feet).  The trail offers plenty of parking with lots of variety in the scenery.

Here are some photos from our last trail run!

Running Pace:

Some people run fast, some people run slow, some people run/walk.  All options are OK.  You’ll be provided with an electronic and printed map of the trail once you check out.  This way you can run at your own pace.

What Trailing Running Shoes Do I Need?

We’ve done all the work for you, and rounded up the best trail running shoes on the market.  Links and brand names will be provided to you after your RSVP.

Hydration Vest or Hydration Belt

Since we’ll be running for around 2 hours, you’ll need a hydration belt or hydration vest for the run.  You’ll probably want to bring some electrolytes and running gels too.  If you don’t have a hydration vest, we have Nathan Brand Running Vests with Water Bladders you can borrow.  The rental Fee for Hydration Vest, electrolytes, and energy blocks is $20 (the vest will be prefilled and we’ll handle cleaning & disinfection for you.)

Trail Running Hydration Pack

Carpool, Event Waiver, and Final Details

After you checkout, you’ll be presented with a form to provide your carpool preferences and sign your event waiver.  You’ll be provided with a direct dropbox link to all the event information such as who is coming, meetup location, and related details.  For privacy reasons, this information is only made available after you RSVP for the event.  Your RSVP fee covers costs associated with insurance, planning and hosting the event.

Returns and Exchanges

If you decide that you don’t want to participate in this event or change your mind, etc., just let us know within 48 hours of your purchase.  We’ll provide you a store credit that you can use towards any future event you like.


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