Shenandoah National Park Overnight Hike

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September 12-13, 2021: two days and one night of epic hiking in some of Shenandoah’s most challenging and most rewarding trails.

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Shenandoah National Park Two Day Hike

Two days and one night of epic hiking in some of Shenandoah’s most challenging and most rewarding trails.  Day 1 starts with a hike in White Oak Canyon, where we’ll see dozen of waterfalls, cross streams on logs, and complete a hike that rivals Old Rag in beauty and difficulty.  Then we’ll share pictures and pints at one of Shenandoah’s tap houses, complete with a full selection of beers, wines, burgers, and pizzas.  Then we’ll pack up and head to Big Meadows Lodge for an evening of games, fires, and relaxation.  Day 2 starts bright and early with a full breakfast at Big Meadows Restaurant (eggs, waffles, pancakes, oatmeal, OJ, etc.)  Once we are fueled up, we are off to Dark Hollows Falls and Big Meadows Hike.  This six-mile trail is a bit easier than White Oak Canyon, but just as beautiful.  We’ll experience many of the ingenious plants and animals trekking through the Big Meadow flatlands.  We conclude our journey at Skyland Tap House, before saying our goodbyes and journeying home.

What’s Included with your Registration Fee? 

When you order the hike, you’ll be emailed a full itinerary including a PDF Trail Maps, an interactive trail map for your phone, directions to the trailhead parking lot (plus GPS coordinates), directions to the taphouses, links for current weather information, and everything you need to make the trip fun and stress-free.  This registration fee helps cover the insurance and planning costs associated with organizing the hike


  • Hiking Food and Drink Package: $20.00 – don’t want to worry about packing food and drink for the trails?  Just add in the food and drink package and we’ll pick up and bring your food for you.
  • Hiking Recovery Package: $20.00 – Watermelon BCAAs, Chocolate Whey Isolate, Chia Seeds, and Carbonated Super Greens.  Paul’s Trifecta of recovery boosting drinks dramatically increases your body’s natural ability to heal from a tough workout.  You just need to bring your favorite shaker bottle (or add one to your cart.)
  • Restaurant Costs: costs for food and drinks at the taphouses are not included.
  • Hotel Costs: costs for lodging are not included.  Book your hotel here.

Recommended Packing List: You’ll get a copy of our recommended packing list for this hike.

Money-Back Guarantee: If you decide that you don’t want to hike this trail (or you just recently hiked it, etc.) you can request a refund within 48 hours of your purchase.  Requesting a refund is simple, just reply back to the email receipt that you’ll get when you register.  We want you to be happy to enjoy the hike with us.

Shenandoah National Park Two Day Hike

Day 1: Sunday Morning – White Oak Canyon 8AM-3PM

★★★★☆ Level 4: Hard

Hiking time is 6-7 hours.

We take on White Oak Canyon which offers some of the best views in Shenandoah National Park combined with Level 4 difficulty thanks to a 2300 ft accent and 9 plus miles of hiking trails.

The first part of our White Oak Trail features over 25 waterfalls.  Then we set to conquer a steep horse trail up to 3200 feet.  The third leg showcases a notable waterfall called “the slide” because it is a sheer gradually sloped face with lots of waterflow over it. From the summit, we descend over three river crossings on logs (they aren’t too high up).

In terms of difficulty, this hike is generally regarded as more difficult than Old Rag.  There are some swimming holes if you want to take a break.

Day 1: Sunday Afternoon

We head over to Shenandoah’s Tap Room for Cocktails, Salads, Beers and Pizza.

Day 1: Sunday Night – Big Meadows Lodge

Stay overnight (if you like) at the Big Meadows Lodge.  Select rooms feature a terrace and even wood-burning fireplaces.  Prices range from $130-$220 per night.  Some rooms sleep 2 – some sleep 4 people.

BIG MEADOWS LODGE | 877-847-1919

Skyline Drive Mile 51, Shenandoah Natl Park, Virginia 22835, United States

Day 2: Monday Morning 8AM-9AM

We’ll get breakfast at Big Meadows.  Choices include pancakes, waffles, French toast, Healthy Hiker Breakfast, Tex Mex bowl and more.  Coffee, juice, oatmeal etc.

Day 2: Dark Hollows Falls 10AM-3PM

★★★☆☆ Level 3: Challenging

Two waterfalls and tons of wildlife. This circuit passes Rose River falls and the site of an old copper mine.  The trail continues past Dark Hollow Falls and offers viewpoints from the Appalachian Trail as it circles the Big Meadows picnic and camping areas.

Day 2: Afternoon 3PM-5PM

We head to our second Tap Room for a quick food recharge before heading home.

Hike Difficulty Rating:

Difficulty ratings for hikes are very subjective.  Different aspects of hike such as length, elevation gain, temperature, and conditions can make a hike easier for some people than others.  Our ratings are for informational purposes only, please do your own reason on a hike before attempting.  When in doubt, contact the state or national park ranger’s station.  Park rangers know better than anyone the current conditions and difficulty of their trails.

★☆☆☆☆ Level 1: Easiest. Generally suitable for anyone who enjoys walking. Mostly level or with a slight incline. Generally, less than 3 miles.

★★☆☆☆ Level 2: Moderate. Generally suitable for novice hikers seeking a bit of a challenge. If you are brand new to hiking, we recommend you start with a level 1 or level 2 hike.  The terrain will involve a moderate incline and may have some steeper sections. Generally, 3 to 5 miles.

★★★☆☆ Level 3: Challenging.  Level 3 hikes can be quite challenging.  You should have hiking boots, hiking backpacks, and have several level 2 hikes before attempting a level 3.  Level 3 hike will break down an unconditioned person quickly. The terrain will involve a steady and often steep incline. Generally, 5 to 8 miles.

★★★★☆ Level 4: Hard. At level 4 and above you need to carry a lot of water with you, and be able to maintain hiking against steep, uneven terrain for long periods of time.  Generally, 7 to 10 miles.

★★★★★ Level 5: Very Hard. Level 5 hike are designed for well-conditioned, highly experienced hikers.  Expect long and steep trails, with rock scrambles, stream crossings, and other challenges. Generally, 8 miles and over.

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2 Day Hike, White Oak Canyon Only, Dark Hollows Falls Only


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