Spartan Race Workshop


Workshop to discuss training plans for 2022 Spartan Race Season. Paul will highlight key skills and training techniques to improve obstacle course performance. We’ll go over key scaling techniques so you can begin preparing for the 2022 season. We’ll also identify the races we plan to run and organize AirBnB information for interested parties.

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The Spartan Race

by Paul Roberts

After 3 months of preparation, team Sand & Steel embarked on the Spartan Race.  It was the most fun race I have ever done.  Twenty-nine brilliant obstacles spread across challenging terrain.  Our mettle would be tested like never before.  I am grateful to have had this opportunity to work with all of you and am beaming with pride at seeing how well you all have done.  When asked if we will continue our trail running and our obstacle course training, hell-yeah is the only answer I can offer.

Next year we’ll complete the Trifecta, running the Sprint, Super, and the Beast.  We’ll train for all three races, building up our endurance with trail running events.  We have a 10K and 9-mile trail run planned for November 2021 already.  Armed with the experience and knowledge of running a Spartan Race, we’ll build a special program to help you improve your grip and arm strength to master these obstacles. And We’ll do it Together, We are Team Sand & Steel.

Thank you for the privilege and honor of being your coach,

Paul Roberts

Next Spartan Races Near Virginia

Savage Race

Running a Spartan Race Requires:

Good Trail Running Abilities: The Spartan Race is above all a trail run.  So if you want to get faster, join us on our weekend trail runs.

Good Obstacles Capability:  If you run the Spartan Race and actually do the 30 burpees you are supposed if you cannot complete an obstacle, the obstacles and the run have almost an even weight.  Conquering the obstacles is a matter of improving your grip strength, building strong shoulder rotation control, and mastering basic techniques such as rope climbing and vaulting.  We’ll be covering some training principles in the upcoming workshop.

A Great Team: You can run the Spartan Race by yourself …  but you experience it as a team.

Spartan Race Team
Team Sand & Steel


Training Plan for a Spartan Race:

  • Trail Running in various conditions
  • The ability to hold your body weight with wet surfaces
  • Single-arm holds on 1-inch and 2-inch hold
  • Block Grips and Rock Grip Practice pulldown
  • Shoulder Strength: Bent arm holds
  • Hanging Transitions with differing objects – rings to ropes, etc.
  • Pulldowns with various width grips
  • Bar Muscle Ups with Jumps
  • Grip: Improve hand and crush strength
  • Rope climbs, Legless climbs, Dual Climbs


Here’s a list of some important takeaways from the Spartan Race.

Spartan Race Super 10K Map
Super 10K 2021 Map

Hydration: a running belt is ideal. There are multiple fillup stations on the course.  I filled mine with concentration preworkout, 2 shots of Gu, and electrolytes.

Socks: Heavy-weight, full-length socks are very helpful.

Sneakers: Lone Peak 5, Salamon SpeedCross 5, or the Kraft RD Pro.  Each of these shoes have their own strengths and weaknesses, I like them all.

Running backpack: you can definitely bring a running bag. Best use of the bag would be store and extra shirt.  Running at 60 degrees I wasn’t cold.  It is simple to remove your gear for any water obstacles that you don’t want getting wet.  If you bring a hydration pack, pack a quick dry towel and zip lock chalk. Chalk would help immensely on certain obstacles.  Zip lock so it doesn’t get wet.  I don’t see any need to bring extra water – there was more than enough water at the rest stops.

Restrooms: There are restrooms at most of the waterbreak stations. Every other one I think.  I counted about 6 waterbreak stations.

Bag Check: There is an easy access bag check.

Food: There was a place to buy hot food, although I didn’t see anyone eating it.  There were also some honey stinger waffles available during the race.

Proshop: The Spartan Race has a nice-looking proshop with some great gear. Consider buying race supplies at it.




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