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October 30, 2021.  Sand and Steel Fitness has an official Spartan Race team, and you are invited to join us as we tackle one of the best obstacle course races in the country.

The Spartan Race is one of the most exciting obstacle course races in the country.  We’ll be running the Super 10K (6.2 mile version)  October 30.

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Virginia Spartan Super 10K

Date: October 30
Location: Arrington VA (about 2:45 minutes away from Alexandria, VA)
Race Time: 2:00PM
Carpool Time: We leave the gym at 9:00AM
Team Name: Sand and Steel Fitness
Race Name: Virginia Spartan Super 10K

Obstacle Course Training Plan

We’ll be adapting our CrossFit Metcon training schedule to better prepare for this race.  We haven’t finalized our Training Plan yet, but you’ll be well prepared.  A Spartan Super can be run under an hour, but we are training more for a fun pace.  Expect to run around 5.5 miles per hour (11-minute mile), with a completion time of around 2 hours.

The Sand & Steel 5K / 10K is October 16, the same distance as the Spartan Super.  It’s two weeks before — it’s almost like we planned that.

The Halloween WOD will be on Sunday October 31 with a late-enough start time so you can wear your costume without having to rush to the gym.  Final details on the Halloween WOD are still in the works.

Running Your First Spartan Race

If you have run other Obstacles Course Races like the Warrior Dash, Tough Mudder, etc. the Spartan Race will be very similar.  You’ll see familiar obstacles and challenges.  The course will be muddy and challenging.  Like other obstacle course races, you can always skip an obstacle that you are not comfortable doing.  Spartan Race Official Rules require a 30 burpee penalty though.

Spartan Race Videos

YouTube video

YouTube video

Spartan Race Shoes

Paul has run about 10 races and he recommends the Hoka One as his personal preferred running shoe.  Other sneaker recommendations include: Inov-8 Terraclaw and the Salamon SpeedCross 4.  While your Metcons and Nanos might be the best all-around sneaker for CrossFit, they are not going to cut it in the Spartan Race.

Spartan Race Socks

You’ll want to wear long socks for the Spartan Race.  It’ll cut down on the amount of mud that will get into your toes.  Long socks also protect your shins from the rope.

Spartan Race Packing List for your Car

  • Trash Bags for your dirty clothes
  • Baby wipes to clean mud
  • Bandaids for scrapes
  • Large Towels to protect your car seats
  • Flip Flops for the drive home
  • Extra change of clothes

Bag Check

Spartan Races almost always have a bag check for stuff you want to bring to the race, but don’t want to run with.

Spartan Race Water Stops

Many people bring a water belt or hydration packs to obstacle course races like the Spartan Race.  It’s not necessary.  The Spartan Race will have a sufficient amount of water stops for you.  Personally, I wouldn’t recommend bringing extra water to the race.  Pack some water anyway.  You’ll definitely want some water for before and after the race though.


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