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We offer CrossFit, Powerlifting, Conditioning Classes with TRX & Kettlebells, Sports Performance, Yoga, Functional Training, & Mobility Classes.   We design our fitness classes so that they are safe for new members, but tough enough to challenge our long term members. Special attention is paid to fundamentals and quality of movement.

Group Classes Include:

Strength Classes Include:

CrossFit: is a strength and conditioning program for virtually anyone who is interested in being healthy and fit. We all need to be able to function outside of the gym with ease and strength. The workouts are varied, and rarely repeated, it helps our members become well-rounded. Every class will have a warm-up, skill work, and then a strength training or conditioning WOD. Every class is programmed with total body fitness in mind. Emphasis is on building strength, increasing endurance, and learning proper safety techniques while working out.

Powerlifting Class: is about building strength. You’ll master the Bench Press, Squat, Standing Press, Deadlift, and many other time proven techniques to make you stronger. It’s addictive, as you surpass your previous records. If you want to be Strong, this is the class to take.

Functionally Fit: We built Functionally Fit for people who aren’t very flexible and for people who don’t have don’t have great balance.  We train you to move better from the ground-up so that you can get strong and lose weight without getting injured.  Our Functionally Fit classes feature integrated mobility drills and longer warm-ups so you can start weight lifting correctly.  In Functionally Fit, we build good movement patterns — so our classes can scale up as you gain strength and range of motion.  With a smaller class size (10 max), and a coach with 5 years experience working with adults with injuries, Functionally Fit should you be your first stop on your road to better movement and more strength.

Conditioning Classes Include:

CoreFit: brings the sweat and the burn like no other class in our arsenal. We leverage the power of the TRX Duo, TRX Rip Trainer, Bosu, and Kettlebell into one sweat soaking class. CoreFit is a scalable class designed for any athlete.

Power Speed Agility: To perform like an athlete, you need to train like one! This class focuses on using stability equipment and agility drills to build up endurance, balanced core muscles, and fast twitch muscle fibers through plyometrics. Scaled to your level, this class is the perfect choice if your goal is to burn fat and improve athletic performance.

Yoga & Mobility Classes Include:

Yoga Alignment 88: Master the 88 base poses of yoga. Each base pose in yoga has 10-20 variations. We systematically find the best variation for you during the alignment yoga class. Each class features 15 unique poses that teach and modify for you. Once you know your variation of each pose, we flow the poses together into an individual crafted yoga vinyasa. Alignment 88 is uniquely designed to be challenging even for certified yoga teachers, while still being approachable to the absolute beginner.

FireFlow Yoga: Light up your Yoga Practice with Paul’s Fireflow Yoga. Fireflow unique design makes it approachable to beginners, while retaining many of the challenges of the Astanga & Rocket Sequences. Learn to float, stretch, and sweat as Paul turns up the heat in Fireflow.

Beyond Stretch: Train to move better. Stretch to improve passive flexibility. Strengthen your end range of motion and control. Injuries frequently occur when you have passive mobility to get into a position, but not the strength and control to support that position. Beyond Stretch improve your balance and resistance to injury by targeting the muscles that your everyday activities cannot.

Starter Pack Details

This package is available to new members only.  The Starter Pack Group Training is designed for you to try out our group classes.  Starter Pack has no term commitments outside the 4 classes that you are purchasing.  After you complete your Starter Pack, you’ll have the option to purchase additional sessions to continue your training.  Sessions expire 60 days from the date of purchase if not used.  Limit 1 Starter Pack Group Classes per member.  After you purchase the Starter Pack, please fill out our new client intake form.

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Starter Pack Group Fitness Classes 4 Pack
Starter Pack Group Training

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