The 4 Henchman WOD

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Yos, Jason, Paul and Katy got together one evening to complete a challenging CrossFit WOD they had found online. But they glowered at the workout unsure it would provide a tough enough challenge. So they added some restrictions, increased range of motion, raised the reps, added some extra rules, a buy-in and a cash out. And then they raced through it, determined to best one other. And after 20 minutes of sweating and cursing, they knew they were onto something special. So they tinkered and toiled some more, and before long an eerie WOD emerged unlike anything they had seen before.

And then the 4 Henchman smiled and said it was good.


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Event Includes

  • Our Commemorative 4 Henchman WOD T-Shirt.
  • The first-place team wins a 4 Henchman Mug.
  • The first two teams to finish win a $25 gift certificate good at our apparel shop.
  • Potluck to celebrate with your friends after the workout.

Workout Details

January 14, 2022.  6PM-8PMThe 4 Henchman WOD is performed with an empty 35 or 45-pound barbell.   Plus you split the reps with your partner.  We’ll do some cleans, squats, lunges, and presses.  Now, what can be tough about that?

The 4 Henchman Mug

Celebrate the 4 Henchman Mug every morning with your own custom mug.  The top team wins a free mug.  If you win and already have a mug, you’ll be provided with a store credit so you can purchase any other item you like.


Please bring some delicious for 6 people.  We have a microwave to reheat food and a fridge to keep it cold.  Please specify what you are bringing in the checkout notes.

The 4 Henchman Commemorative T-Shirt

The shirt will be added to your order automatically and shipped to you.  Just select your size.


Buy-in: 100 Synchronized Sit-ups
100 Below the Knee Power Cleans
100 Front Squats
100 Push Press
100 Overhead Lunges
Cash Out: 50 Chinups (5 reps minimum per round)

You and your partner must hold the barbell the whole time. You do 50 reps in a row and then your partner does 50. If either of you touch the floor with your hand, knee, or butt, you both do 10 burpees. If the barbell touches the floor you both do 10 burpees.

Time Cap is 35 Minutes

Intermediates: do 80 reps each and 8 burpees
Beginners: do 70 reps each and 7 burpees

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