Trail Running at Turkey Run Park


September 10, 2021: 5PM-7PM. Turkey Run Park offers a great beginner-level 3.6-mile trail run. For faster runners, we also have a 7.2-mile loop. Our Turkey Run trail will take us through some rock scrambles and several small stream crossings. It’s kind of like a mini-obstacle course plus a run. Super Fun.

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Beginner Level Trail Run: 3.6 Mile Loop on Turkey Run Park.  One clockwise loop.

Intermediate Level Trail Run: 7.2 Mile Loop on Turkey Run Park. One clockwise + counter-clockwise loop.

Trail Difficulty: Turkey Run is fairly level and it’s only 3.6 miles.  That said conditions may be muddy, there are stream crossings and some rock scrambles.  So it’s kind of like a mini-obstacle course + a run.  Super Fun.

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  • Google Map Directions to the Trailhead
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Running Pace:

Some people run fast, some people run slow, some people run/walk.  All options are OK.   Our Trail Run/Walk is scheduled for 2 hours — so faster people can run further if they like.  Paul and Laura will be doing the 7.2 mile circuit.

What Trailing Running Shoes / Trail Gear Do I Need?

We’ve done all the work for you.  We’ve rounded up the best trail running shoes on the market.  Links and brand names will be provided to you after your RSVP.


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