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Want to try a free class at Sand and Steel?  We have free trial classes in CrossFit, CoreFit, Yoga, Beyond Stretch, and SeniorFit.  Get your free class today.

Fitness Class Trial

In addition to our Starter Pack Pro (which is great for new personal training members), we offer a free trial class for all of our group fitness classes.  Registering for your free group is simple, just click the free class link and pick a time.

Getting the Most from Your Free Class

Sand & Steel is renown for offering customized personal training and group classes.  In order to deliver this level of service, it’s helpful for us know more about you.  Your fitness experience, goals, injuries, etc.  While other fitness companies force you to conform to their workouts, we try to build our workouts around our members.  So we ask that you fill out our new member intake form.

Contacting the Gym Ahead of Your Free Class

Sand & Steel Fitness uses an automated scheduled system, so we will know that you are coming.  However, you should feel comfortable giving us a call or send us a message if you’d like to know what to expect during the class.

Changing Room and Showers In Your Free Class

Sand & Steel Fitness has cubbies for all members that you’ll see when you walk in.  We have showers and changing rooms to help make your session easier.


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Try a Free Class
Try a Free Class