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September 26, 2021, Sunday – spend a full day hiking or running in Sky Meadows National Park.  Afterward, kick back with your friends at Sand and Steel as we sip wine and beer at the critically acclaimed Oak Barrel Brewery.  Sky Meadows is well-known for its amazing views. Experience fields of wildflowers and a large variety of birds, like blue jays and golden finches. Views include meadows, open hills, forests, streams, even goats.

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An Event by Paul Roberts

Hike Date: Sunday: September 26, 2021

Pick the trail length that suits your fitness level.

  • Beginner Hike Length: 3.4 Miles. Elevation 764.  Hike Difficulty: ★★☆☆☆   (2/5). Easy.  This is a great shorter-distance trail for new hikers and/or trail runners.  Green Trail on the Map.
  • Intermediate Hike Length: 6.8 Miles. Elevation 1164.  Hike Difficulty: ★★★☆☆   (3/5). Moderate. This is a medium-distance hike that can be completed by most people in good condition.  Red Trail on the Map.
  • Expert Hike Length: 10 Miles. Elevation 1500.  Hike Difficulty: ★★★★☆   (4/5). Strenuous.  10 Miles Hiking is a challenge for most people.  Unless you know how far 10 miles really is … don’t attempt this trail.  Red to Blue Trail on the Map

Trail Running Alternative:

Some trails are good for hiking only.  Some trails are good for trail running only.  Our Sky Meadows trail fits squarely in the middle.  Those people that want to hike, can do so.  Those people that want to run, can do so.  You’ll get information for preparing for both activities in the documentation.

Meetup Time: 7:30AM (at the trailhead parking lot).  Hike/Run begins at 8AM.  Yes, it’s an early start, but we want to make sure we have plenty of time for wine and food afterward.

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Sky Meadows Park

Sky Meadows is well-known for its amazing views. Experience fields of wild-flowers and a large variety of birds, like blue jays and golden finches. Views include meadows, open hills, forests, streams, even goats.

National Park Service Map

Our custom electronic map for your phone will be emailed to you.  Please download the AllTrails app.

Oak Barrel Winery

We’ll be going to a full-service winery, brewery, and restaurant after the hike.  Oak Barrel Winery is one of the area’s best wineries, so kick back and enjoy it.

Barrel Oak 2

Travel Distance and Time

The trailhead is about 90 minutes from Sand & Steel.  There is a ten dollar per car parking fee.  So if you’d like to carpool, please let us know.

Pictures from our Last Hike & Run

RSVP to Get:

  • Google Map Directions to the Trailhead
  • Google Map Directions for the Restaurant
  • PDF Trail Maps of Both Trails
  • Actual Pictures of the Trails
  • Electronic Trail Maps of Both Trails
  • Recommended Trailing Running Gear List
  • Recommended Hiking Gear List


If you need a carpool, be sure to email us at least a day before the event so that we can help you get a ride.

Returns and Exchanges

If you decide that you don’t want to participate in this event or change your mind, etc., just let us know within 48 hours of your purchase.  We’ll provide you a store credit that you can use towards any future event you like.

What Gear Do I Need?

We’ve done all the work for you.  You’ll get our Hiking and Trail Running Gear list emailed to you when you checkout.  Yes, it includes links and brand names with our personal recommendations.

Need Some Gu Energy Gel, Cliff Energy Blocks, or Electrolytes?

Recovery Options include:

  • SSF Preworkout
  • Gu Energy Gel
  • Cliff Energy Block
  • Nuun Electrolytes
  • Hi-Lyte Electrolytes with Le

Just let us know in the checkout comments, what you would like and how many of each.  They are $3 each.  (We are working online ordering.)  For BCAAs, Preworkout, and Electrolytes, they come in a small water bottle.  Paul is bringing for himself: two Gu Packs, one Energy Block, one Preworkout, One BCAAs, and One Electrolyte.

Hydration Vest or Hydration Belt

You’ll want to bring a hiking backpack or a hydration vest for the hike/trail run.  If you don’t have one, we have some you can borrow with water bladders.  You get two free Recovery Options with the vest.  If you don’t specify which one you want, the default is electrolytes and Gu Energy (the vest will be prefilled with water, and we’ll handle cleaning & disinfection for you).

Trail Running Hydration Pack

Hike Difficulty Rating:

Difficulty ratings for hikes are very subjective.  Different aspects of hike such as length, elevation gain, temperature, and conditions can make a hike easier for some people than others.  Our ratings are for informational purposes only, please do your own reason on a hike before attempting.  When in doubt, contact the state or national park ranger’s station.  Park rangers know better than anyone the current conditions and difficulty of their trails.

★☆☆☆☆ Level 1: Easiest. Generally suitable for anyone who enjoys walking. Mostly level or with a slight incline. Generally, less than 3 miles.

★★☆☆☆ Level 2: Moderate. Generally suitable for novice hikers seeking a bit of a challenge. If you are brand new to hiking, we recommend you start with a level 1 or level 2 hike.  The terrain will involve a moderate incline and may have some steeper sections. Generally, 3 to 5 miles.

★★★☆☆ Level 3: Challenging.  Level 3 hikes can be quite challenging.  You should have hiking boots, hiking backpacks, and have several level 2 hikes before attempting a level 3.  Level 3 hike will break down an unconditioned person quickly. The terrain will involve a steady and often steep incline. Generally, 5 to 8 miles.

★★★★☆ Level 4: Hard. At level 4 and above you need to carry a lot of water with you, and be able to maintain hiking against steep, uneven terrain for long periods of time.  Generally, 7 to 10 miles.

★★★★★ Level 5: Very Hard. Level 5 hike are designed for well-conditioned, highly experienced hikers.  Expect long and steep trails, with rock scrambles, stream crossings, and other challenges. Generally, 8 miles and over.


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