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WOD for Warriors is an annual event where we honor the sacrifices of our military veterans and their families. WOD For Warriors helps veterans and civilians find a community to work out and improve their health and fitness. We provide workout scalings so that the event is approachable to all fitness levels. It’s an excellent networking opportunity for all members of our military.

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WOD for Warriors is an annual event organized by Team Red White & Blue (Team RWB). Team RWB is an organized comprised of mostly volunteers that support the health, fitness, and community of veteran and active-duty soldiers. Sand & Steel Fitness (SSF) is an official host for the WOD for Warriors: Armistice WOD. This event and the preparation workouts are free for all Team RWB members thanks to the generation donations made by Coach Cindy and Coach Paul and all of Team Red White & Blue.

Workout Overview with Coaches Cindy and Paul

Armistice AMRAP in 19:18

  • 11 Mt Climbers
  • 11 Air Squats
  • 11 Hand Release Pushups
  • 11 Box Jump Burpees 24/20
  • 100M Run (30 seconds of row, bike, jump rope)

Scoring: Number of rounds completed.  Warmups, exercise modifications, scaling, and supervision will be provided to all athletes.  Workouts will be done in teams of two with partners alternating every round.

WOD 4 Warriors Event Location

Sand and Steel Fitness
5418 Eisenhower Ave.
Alexandria VA 22304

Register with TRWB & SSF

TRWB Registration

Please register for the Armistice WOD at CrossFit Sand and Steel’s TRWB Page.  Sand and Steel Fitness will be able to compete in the WOD for Warriors Competition if we raise $500 in donations, so please donate if you can.  Once you have registered with TRWB, please register with Sand and Steel Fitness below.

SSF Registration

To register for our preparation workouts or for the Armistice WOD on Veteran’s Day, please click the links below.

  • WOD 4 Warriors Preparation Workout 1.  Register for Sunday, October 10 at 10AM.
  • WOD 4 Warriors Preparation Workout 2.  Register for Sunday, October 24 at 10AM.
  • WOD 4 Warriors Main Event.  Veteran’s Day, Thursday.  SSF Members 10AMTRWB Members 11:30AM.

For the Safety of Everyone, Capacity is Limited.  We expect the event to sell out, so please register in advance to claim your spot.

Donate to Support Sand & Steel

Paul Roberts is ultimately responsible for the costs and expenses to host WOD For Warriors at Sand & Steel.  If you are able to donate to help defer some of these costs, your donation will be greatly appreciated.

Exercise Standards and Scaling

Mountain ClimberAir SquatHand Release PushupBox Jump Burpees

Movement Standards:

  1. Knee touches elbow.
  2. Hands directly under the shoulders.
  3. Left and Right counts as one rep.
  4. Hips remain at a constant height through the exercise.

Scaling Suggestions:

  1. Easier: use a plyobox to make the exercise easier.  A higher box is easier.
  2. Harder: use a TRX Suspension Trainer to make the exercise harder.
  3. Low Impact: use sliders to eliminate the plyometric component.

Squat and Air Squat Movement Standards:

  1. Hip crease descends below the knee on the bottom of the squat.
  2. Elbows completely straight.
  3. Chest Up
  4. Feet are shoulder-width apart.
  5. Rotate knees out throughout the squat
  6. Hand open thumbs face the back of the room, arms remain stacked over the body in line with the spine. (Air Squat Only).
  7. Arms extend forwards, thumbs face upwards. (Squat Only).

Scaling Suggestions:

  1. Easier: squat to a box to make the exercise easier.  Athletes under 5′ 8″ should use a use 12-inch box.  Taller athletes should use a 14-inch box.
  2. Easier Option 2: use an exercise band to provide additional stability to the athlete.  For very conditioned athletes combine the box and the band.
  3. Harder: add a plyometric jump at the top of the squat.
  4. Low Impact: this is a low impact exercise

Hand Release Pushups Movement Standards:

  1. Hands under the shoulder
  2. Back and hips straight
  3. Feet shoulder-width apart
  4. Maintain elbows close to the side of the body (do not flair your elbows)
  5. Chest touches the floor
  6. Hands lift off the floor
  7. Press hands into the floor aggressively
  8. Back and hips rise together
  9. Lock Elbows out on top

Note: hand release pushups are required in all scalings of the Armistice WOD

Scaling Suggestions:

  1. Easier: use a box to make the pushup easier.  The taller the box, the easier the pushup.
  2. Easier Option 2: use an exercise band under the hips to make it easier to press up from the pushup.
  3. Harder: few athletes will need to scale up the pushup on this workout, but decline pushups and plyometric pushups are good choices.
  4. Low Impact: this is a low impact exercise

Burpee Box Jump Movement Standards:

  1. Jump onto the box with both feet
  2. Must jump from a static position (no forward momentum)
  3. After landing on the box, you must extend your hips
  4. You must step down from the box (no jumping down)
  5. Bring your chest to the floor for the burpee
  6. Jump or step your feet to your hand position.
  7. Jump on top of the box from a static position.

Note: Male box jump height is 24 inches, and female height is 20 inches.

Scaling Suggestions:

  1. Easier: use a shorter box to make the box jump easier.
  2. Easier: jump onto a bumper plate for newer athletes.
  3. Easier: substitute and up-down (e.g. a no pushup-burpee) for the burpee
  4. Easier: step up onto the box instead of jumping onto the box
  5. Harder: few athletes will need to scale up the pushup on this workout, but jump over burpees is a more challenging scaling.
  6. Low Impact: step up and step down.  Perform a walk-out instead of the burpee.

COVID-19 Information

Proof of Vaccination is required to attend.  Please click the link to upload a picture of your vaccine card after registering.

Armistice Competition Variation

We’ll be doing the Competition Version of the Armistice WOD for practice during the second preparation workout.

11 Rounds for Time (RFT)

  • 11 Mt Climbers
  • 11 Air Squats
  • 11 Pushup
  • 11 Box Jump Burpees
  • 200M Run


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Event Volunteers

Please contact us if you’d like to volunteer for this event.  We are looking for:

  • Food Sponsors are appreciated,
  • Outreach to promote the event, and
  • Volunteer Staff during the event itself (registration, coordination, etc.)

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