Progress Reports

The Progress Report helps you improve as a coach. The progress report contains over 30 areas of coaching measurements. It shows you what areas you should be focusing on overall to improve your coaching and support the gym as a whole. The report provides you specific detail on the areas that need improvement.

The Progress Report Directly determines your coach rank, perks, and your salary. Each item is scored from 1-6 points.

  • Needs Improvement >25%
  • Junior Coach: 25%
  • Signature Coach: 41%
  • Senior Coach: 58%
  • Master Coach: 75%
  • Head Coach: 91%

Understanding Your Report

For each performance criterium, we select a grade for you based on how you performing relative to the coaching level. So if your score on an individual performance criterium is senior coach, that means we think you are performing at the senior coach level for that item. When we go over the progress report together, we will discuss those criteria and why we gave you that score.

A Two-Way Report

Please fill out the Gym Evaluation Form, so we can also improve. You are the front line in terms of understanding what our clients want. Your feedback is valuable, and we appreciate you providing it to us.

Progress Report

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Safety and Efficacy of Training

    • Demonstrate proper technique on exercises
    • Identify faults in a client exercise pattern
    • Use proper cue faults to fix faults
    • Display proper use of warmups, mobility, and corrective exercise for the client
    • Demonstrate good choices in scaling the exercises
    • Modify the workout to suit the client
    • Minimize exercise transition time
    • Understand the goals and preferences of the client
    • Properly Greet the client when they enter the gym
    • Keep your exercise space well organized
    • Help the client log their workouts in SugarWOD
  • Policies

  • Follow the Personal Items and Spacing Policies. Follow all Cleaning & COVID-19 Safety Protocols. Follow the instructions we provide to you. Keep personal items off of gym equipment (use tables and cubbies). Your clients enter intelligent notes into SugarWOD. You update the Zen Planner profiles of your clients. Arrive 15 minutes early for classes & 10 minutes for personal training to setup and greet clients.
  • Teamwork

    Do you prioritize the business and your teammates over your own interests?
  • Are your personal goals in-line with Sand and Steels goals, and those of your colleagues?
  • Sand & Steel Bio & Continuing Education

  • Do you keep your bio up to date and make it is as complete as you can? Do you work on continuing education to improve your personal training or CrossFit skills?
  • Transparency and Honesty

  • If personal issues are going to affect your job availability or job performance, do you provide us with as much notice as possible?
  • Reliability and Follow Through

  • Communication

  • Marketing Videos

  • Demonstrate the ability to create a technique video for instagram, pinterest, and youtube. Write powerful captions for your social media posts. Demonstrate the ability to create a blog post on a simple topic using wordpress block editor.
  • Blog Posts

  • Demonstrate the ability to create a blog post on a simple topic using wordpress elementor editor. Social Media Engagement and Use Your Own Social Media Channel to Create
  • Social Media, Smugmug, and Outreach

  • Social Media Engagement and Use Your Own Social Media Channel to Create Engagement and Community. Participation in Community Events. Quality and volume of SmugMug Pictures and Videos.
  • Class Programming

  • Program workouts that maintain proper COVID-19 spacing, that can be done easily within the time allotted, feature intelligent and effective program design, are posted a week in advance on SugarWOD.
  • Attendance

  • Overall attendance: such as number of people booking your classes, and/or Personal Training Booking Ratio
  • Sales

  • Demonstrate the ability to convert: free trial clients, assist with gym tours, and convert walk-ins. Consider level of preparation for members and familiarity of current prices and policies.

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