SandStorm Workout

Here is our SandStorm workout for April 25, 2015.  Hope you enjoy it!

  1. Rip Trainer 30s Plyo Backstab/ Rip Trainer 30s Squat Row (left x 3, right x 3) – Rest 1 minute
  2. Rip Trainer 30s Running Lacrosse shot / Rip Trainer 30s turn and check (left x 3, right x 3) -Rest 1 minute
  3. Rip Trainer 30s Plyo Row/ Rip Trainer 30s Backstab (left x 3, right x 3) – Rest 1 minute
  4. Rip Trainer 30s Plyo turn and check / Rip Trainer 30s lacrosse shot (left x 3, right x 3) – Rest 1 minute
  5. Rings (10) Jumping Ring Holds / Kettlebell (60s) Kettle Bell Clean and Press
  6. Barbell (10) Australian Pullups / Sandbell (60s) Sandbell Snatch

Video links for all the moves

  1. Plyo Backstab: Face the wall anchor, rip trainer on right, right leg forward.  Pull the Rip Trainer to the left and switch your feet (left leg move forward, right leg moves backward.)  Switch feet and return Rip Training to right side.
  2. Rip Trainer Squat Rowlike this, but when you come into the squat allow the Rip Trainer to move forward such that the load hand is in the middle of your chest and the base hand move all the way forward.  When squat up, pull your base hand back so that the rip trainer is against your chest.
  3. Running Lacrosse Shot: base hand over, base hand under, two steps forward and whip the trainer over you shoulder like you are throwing a lacrosse ball.  Two steps backwards and repeat.
  4. Turn and check:  Right shoulder to anchor with power hand on right.  90 degree jump turn and press both hands forward.  Jumping forward as you turn “air-check” the imaginary person in front.
  5. Ring Hold: pull yourself up and hold yourself in a contracted arm position for 10 seconds — slow descent.
  6. Kettlebell Clean and Press.  Strongfirst’s video is pretty much spot-on.
  7. Australian Pullup.  Here are 7 Variations.
  8. Kettlebell Snatch.  See number 6, the video also demonstrates the snatch.


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