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What is Sand and Steel Fitness?

Sand & Steel Fitness is different for different people. For some, it is a place to start their journey to better health. For others, it is a place to hone their talents in yoga, weightlifting, and CrossFit. It is a place to heal, and a place to grow as an athlete. For everyone, it is a safe community, where we work together to learn, forge friendships, and push each other to improve.

Sand & Steel is a strength, weight loss, and mobility gym. We provide Personal Training, Fitness Classes & Open Gym. We have ample parking, air conditioning, and showers. Classes include CrossFit, Kinstretch, Powerlifting, & More. Open Gym is designed for Powerlifting, Olympic Lifting, & CrossFit. For COVID-19 Safety, we have Bi-Polar Ionization Fans, HEPA Filters, & all members and employees wear masks at all times.

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