Mobility, Flexibility, Yoga, and Guided Partner Stretching

Mobility vs Flexibility vs Yoga vs Stretching

Paul breaks down the differences between mobility, flexibility, yoga, and stretching in careful detail.  Without sufficient mobility you cannot be all that you wish to be.  This applies whether your chosen craft is golf, strength training, CrossFit, or endurance running.  You are not as efficient as a runner, you are more likely to get injured as a golfer, and will be slower in CrossFit. Here’s how to improve your mobility…

Home Workout Plans

Home Workout Programs

We offer 6 Different Home Workout Programs that you can do in your home gym, work gym, or commercial gym.  Simply Fit, Burn30, and Dumbbell Strong are you minimal equipment options — great if you are working at home.  The Strength & Conditioning Workout Program provides you with a foundational strength training program 7 days a week.  CrossFit GPP offers you a full scale CrossFit training program 7 days a week.  Powerhouse offers an elite training program with 2 hour workouts for those serious about making positive change.  Finally our Complete Package offer all 6 workout programs for one low price.

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