Personal Training Overview

Sand & Steel is the only gym in the DC area that offers 100% tested and tailored personal training programs that are customized to your goal.  Get coaches by personal trainers who work as a team to optimize your results and ensure your safety.  From our recovery programs for shoulders and knees, to our fat loss programs like Redline and CrossFit Metcon, to our Strength programs like Super Mass and Westside we have a program for you.

Online Workouts

The Online Workout Program includes Interactive Coaching and all of our online workouts featuring weight loss, strength training, and body building style workouts.

Workout of the Day

Workout of the Day features small groups for 1-3 people using a customized version of our Online Workout Programming.  You’ll be taught at Sand & Steel with a senior coach who will help scale and modify the workout to your abilities.

Nutrition Overview

The Origin Online Nutrition System is a fully customizable diet program.  Based on the Precision Nutrition, Whole 30, Mediterranean Diet, and 2015-2020 USDA Guidelines – Origin diet will help you erase bad habits, and eat cleanly while you train.

The coaching takes place in one-hour sessions where we:
(1) analyze your current diet
(2) answer your questions
(3) determine which are the most important changes to make first
(4) build you a roadmap to effect those changes

For those people wanting additional assistance, Origin offers a 24 online coaching add-on that allows you to message your coach, upload progress reports, and receive daily reminders customized to your diet progression.

Diagnostic Screening Overview

One of the most important features of our personal training system is our rigorous testing.  We identify weak links, muscle tightness, and joint dysfunction.  We analyze where you are in terms strength, mobility, and conditioning, and we prepare a custom fitness program based on your unique fitness level.

  • Functional Movement Screen FMS
  • Y Balance Test YBT
  • Roberts Mobility Screen RMS
  • Fitness Performance Benchmark
  • InBody Composition Scan

Mobility and Flexiblity

Improve joint mobilization, extend range of motion, decrease pain, and reduce injury risk.

  • Muscle Activation Techniques
  • Corrective Exercises by the FMS Method
  • Mobility by MWOD method
  • Flexibility by Kit Laughlin and Bob Anderson Methods
  • One and one Yoga Sessions