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Custom Online Programming

Any Program

Any Fitness Level

Any Equipment

Our Program:

  • Custom written for your fitness level
  • Workouts are customized around injuries
  • Workouts are written using the equipment you have available — even if it’s just your hotel bedroom
  • Workouts are provided via website and will be available anytime you need them.
  • Optional Scaling and/or Videos for improved training experience

How our workouts are different than P90x, Insanity, Jillian Michels, etc.

Those workouts are prepared for a wide-range of people with no customization to the individual.  With our system, we’ll tell you exactly how much weigh to use, how much rest you need, etc.  The workout complexity will be matched to your ability and will utilize the equipment you have available.

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Sample Program

WOD 1 – Hoorah

No Scaling; No Videos

7 Rounds
•  Barbell Deadlift 70% ORM 9 reps
•  10 Plyo Air Squats.

4 Rounds
•  Kettle Bell High Pull 9 reps
•  Kettle Bell Lawnmower 16 reps

4 Rounds
•  Dumbbell Lunge 8 reps for left and right
•  Benchrow 8 reps for left and right

WOD 2 – Unbroken

With Custom Scaling; No videos

Scaling Instructions

So you’ll be doing items 1A-1D in ten minutes – 3 times (total workout time is there 30 mintues).  Instead of the alternating kettlebell swing we’re going to do a one hand swing (and you are going to reduce the reps to 50).  Search for youtube for videos on how to perform it correctly.  Recommended weight for you is 8KG.  Jump rope you are going substitute a pillow jump over for (or a backpack, and reduce the reps to 50.)  For the box jump, we are going to have you execute 40 “Tuck Jumps” instead.  For pull-ups you are going to do 30 1-hand ring rows.  Record your round time and total time for this workout.

3 Rounds – 10 minute per round
•  100 alternating kettle bell swings (35 pds)
•  200 revolutions on jump rope
•  20 double unders (24 inch box jumps)
•  20 pullups (Blue band if needed)

WOD 3 – Dumbbells for All

With Videos; No Scaling

Complete 4 rounds of the following – 3 minute time limit/round
•  12 Dumbbell Squats
•  12 Dumbbell Good Mornings
•  60 seconds Side Skater

4 Rounds
•  15 Reps Dumbbell Floor Press
•  20 Plank Wrist Taps
•  60 seconds Jumping Jacks

3 Rounds
•  10 reps per leg Weighted Split Squat
•  20  Russian Twists with Dumbbell or medicine ball

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Custom Personal Training Programs at Sand & Steel

A custom program is one written to your exact specifications.  We have built hundreds of custom programs for clients having special needs such as hip, knee, and shoulder injuries.  Custom programs are good for women who have had cesarean sections.  If you have limited access to equipment, a custom program will allow you leverage to wisdom of over 10 professional coaches to optimize your space and time for maximum results.

Our custom personal training programs are sold on a subscription basis, where we hand craft your workouts a set number of times per month.  You cancel before any billing period and change your program at each monthly cycle through our online system.

Plus you’ll have 24 hr access to our coaches through leaving a comments on this page about your custom online workouts.  You can upload a picture of your squat, ask about proper weights, whatever information you need.

Click here to select your custom online program.