Fitness Performance Benchmark

Fitness Performance Benchmark

Our 2 HR Proprietary Benchmarks to Scale Your Fitness Program

  • Determines an optimal program for you to start.
  • Determines scaling for future workouts
  • Screens for common movement problems
  • Alerts us of potential injuries
  • Determines skill and conditioning level
  • Provides a yard stick to measure improvement
  • Built and tested for over 4 years

Muscle Symmetry Testing

  1. (MST) Muscle asymmetries can occur between antagonistic muscles like triceps and biceps. If the ratio of the strength of the muscles is imbalanced – muscle injury becomes imminent. Muscle asymmetries also occur between left and right sides of the body.  For example if someone’s left glute muscles aren’t firing properly, then they can develop an injury in the right knee.
  2. (MST) Neuromuscular disorganization refers to the inability of the brain to cause muscular contraction. Common causes of this include injuries and lack of use.  When the brain cannot properly contract the muscles the body needs, it contracts muscles that proximal to the bones that need to move.  Contracting the wrong muscles causes increased joint stress and wear on tendons leading to injury.  The screen tests for common areas that people have trouble with, Glutes, hips, shoulder muscles, back muscles, and muscles in the hands and feet.  If we find a lack of coordination or communication between your brain and the target muscles, we include specially designed exercises to help you start rebuilding your neuropathways

Energy Systems

  1. (ESB) Peak anaerobic threshold relates to the maximal force you can exerts on major lifts like squats, deadlifts, and benchpress. Since we utilize compound exercises when testing strength, you’ll be getting a heavy-duty workout while you are being tested in the screen.  We utilize these major lifts (plus other CrossFit ones like the Thruster and Overheadsquat) to determine your current fitness level and check for progress as well.
  2. (ESB) Lactic Acid Threshold relates to your ability to withstand the change in pH balance in your body under bouts of sustained activity. This particular energy system, the glycolytic pathway, play a key role in weight loss and athletic performance.  Like most areas of fitness it can be improved through training.  So we test it, and build you workouts that make it better.
  3. (ESB) Aerobic Power is your ability to perform an exercise while maintaining requisite levels of oxygen in your muscles for a period longer than 2 minutes. We test the aerobic system with movements like the Assault bike and the Jacobs ladder.  The Aerobic energy system is your fat-burning haven – so you’ll see this energy system tested and utilized in many of our XT60 workouts.