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Determine Your Exact Body Percentage

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Learn how much to eat to gain or lose weight

Segmental Muscle Mass

Arms, Core, and Legs Muscle Mass

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The Inbody 570 is accurate to the hundredth of a pound

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Learn which kind of program is optimal for your body composition

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Find Muscle Imbalances to Map Corrective Exercises.
InBody 570 Body Fat, Muscle, inflammation

See how the InBody 570 has helped clients transformation their bodies.

InBody 570: BodyFat, Inflammation, Metabolism, Muscle Mass, and a Fitness Score

Cutting Edge Technology to measure and benchmark your fitness and health

The In-body 570 is a powerful diagnostic tool capable of telling your fat mass, fat percentage, muscle mass in each arm, leg, and torso.  Fat mass in each arm, leg, and torso.  It measures internal inflammation, visceral fat, and extra cellular water.  It can determine how much fat you can safely lose, and it charts your progress as you get stronger.

We use the In-body to determine what sort of fitness regime will work for you.  And we use the In-body to check on your progress to make sure the fitness is working.

InBody 570 Body Composition Scan Fat Percentage

The Inbody Report  This is the first of three pages of important information that the In-body will tell us about your current body composition.  This report sheet is especially useful to bring to your primary physician if you are considering starting a new medication.

The Inbody 570 measures body fat, muscle mass and inflammation.  As for body fat, the InBody determines subcutaneous fat,  visceral fat, segmental fat (arms, trunk, legs, etc).

The InBody 570 also measures muscle mass.  Total muscularity can be measured, and we can see changes in hypertrophy in specific training areas.  With one InBody measurement we know what kind of training you are doing and what you’re not working.  We can even tell whether you are left or right handed.

As for internal inflammation, the InBody can compute the ratio of extracellular water to intracellular water.  We can use this information to determine food allergies, excess sugar in your diet, internal edema or bleeding, systemic infections, or fat imbalances.


The Inbody 570 uses the world’s most finely tuned 6 point bioimpedience technology based on the voltage drop caused by subcutaneous and visceral fat.  It can compute dry mass (bones, skin, hair, etc.) as well so we can determine what reasonable gains should be.  With an InBody analysis we can target specific exercises and exercise routines to strengthen your weak areas, and also ensure the exercises you are doing are working.

When we pair with our nutritional counseling service, the In-body can help flag internal hormonal imbalance, give us insight about how your body is reacting to inflammatory foods.  It gives amazing insight into muscle imbalances and can even compute an overall fitness score based on your body composition.