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Current Classes: CrossFit, KettleBell Strength, CoreFit, SteelFit, and ZombieFit

Safety: classes at Sand & Steel are designed to be some of the safest classes available.

  • Smaller classes:  Most classes have a 4:1 to student to coach ratio.  This allows Sand & Steel instructors to better observe form and make corrections to prevent injury.
  • Progressive programming:  We build our WODS to have multiple easier and less complex versions.
  • We test your form before you start the WOD.  If you can’t master the form while your fresh, we will give a less complex or lower weight so you can safely do the WOD.
  • Injury Adaptation: if you have injury, lack of mobility, trouble with balance, etc., we’ll adapt the workout so you stay safe.
  • We cut you off: Intensity is important and squeezing out those last reps is a key to getting results.  But as soon as we see your form breakdown, we’ll have you rest or modify.  We care about your results, but we care more about your safety.
  • Older Adult Friendly: We build our programming so that it can safely be practiced by older adults and people having range of motion limitations.

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