Corefit: TRX Suspension Training

TRX Suspension Trainer and Rip Trainers The CoreFit class features TRX and ring.  It focuses on improving natural range of motion and building strength through the full set of motion.  It also focuses on core strength and many of the exercises are designed to create medium to high core engagement.  Many injuries occur during extreme range of motion movements, and by progressively training athletes through the range of motion, we reduce the incidence and degree of injury in their respective sports.

For those athletes that are very advanced our core classes will incorporate ring based movements such as muscle ups, reverse levers, and other Olympic ring movements.  We have many thicknesses of rip trainer cords to allow us to scale up or down rip trainer movements as well.

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CoreFit in the XT60 program features 12 distinct core crushing movements, and we have an easy, medium, and hard version of this workout.
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Most of our CoreFit classes featuring the Rip Trainer and TRX suspension trainer utilize a work and rest time.  This allows stronger and newer athletes to workout at the same time and finish together.  Tabata, 30:30, and blitz are some of our most common used timing structures.

TRX which stands for Total Resistance eXercise is the manufacturer of two key pieces of equipment we use at Sand & Steel: the Suspension Trainer and the Rip Trainer.

Featured Trainer

Paul Teaching Trx
Paul Roberts leading a TRX Rip Trainer Class

Paul Roberts has been teaching TRX for over 10 years his credentials include:

  1. Johns Hopking Biomedical Engineer B.S.
  2. CrossFit Level 1 Trainer,
  3. CrossFit Power Lifting Trainer,
  4. CrossFit Gymastists Trainer
  5. TRX Suspension Training
  6. Russian Kettle Bell Club HKC

In addition, he has taken the following courses taught by Frazier Quelch, the lead programmer for TRX:

  1. TRX Advanced Core Training 2013
  2. TRX Advanced Rip Training 2013
  3. TRX Partner Fusion Workout 2014
  4. TRX Rip: Leaner, Faster, Stronger
  5. TRX Training for Active Seniors

TRX Suspension Trainer

The Suspension Trainer is an effective tool for people are out of shape because it is instantly scalable.  All one has to do is to modify the angle of the trainer to adjust it.  It’s difficult to use without coaching because very few of the movements are self-explanatory.  While deceptively simple, the TRX Suspension Trainer has both very easy and very challenging movements.  At Sand & Steel we use over 70 different movements and 200 movement patterns with the Suspension Trainer in our CoreFit class (Thursday at 6:00pm.)

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TRX Rip Trainer

Tranise and Angela Rip Trainer2The RIP trainer features a metal pole and elastic band attached to a wall mounted anchor.  It is very effective for plyometric training as well as twisting and resisting twisting forces.  Plyometric training is very useful for burning fat, but can be an issue for people who are sensitive to higher impact exercises.  The Rip Trainer can neutralize some of the shock normally observed in conventional exercises.  The Rip Trainer is also really effective and build core strength, because of the exercises feature an imbalanced load that requires core activation.