Mobility Training Alexandria VA

What is a Mobility Training?

It’s Movement Specific Training specifically optimized to:

  • improve joint mobility and range of motion so that you can properly perform movements,
  • improve your durability and decrease injury risk through proper mobilization of joint capsules and tendons,
  • improve static motor control for people who are hypermobile or recovering from injuries,
  • assess injury risks for extracurricular activities like hiking, basketball, etc., and
  • restore proper muscle and tendon functionality.

What Happens During a Mobility Session?

  • Mobility sessions are an hour long.  We will mobilize and floss joints, distract stuck capsule, release stuck fascia.
  • We’ll also perform corrective exercises for weakened areas like glutes, core, wrists, etc.
  • We record in your book 2-3 mobility exercises that you can do during your personal sessions.
  • We (optionally) can video tape your mobility movements so you can use them at home.

Mobility Highlights

  • Diagnostics of where your range of motion and muscle control is limited.
  • Excellent for rehabbing injuries for knees, backs, shoulders, ankles, etc.
  • Targeted mobility and flexibility exercises and progressions to improve your mobility
  • State of the art mobility equipment and methods
  • All areas of mobility tested and improved from grip strength to ankle mobility.
  • We find the stiffest and weakest areas and provide systematic methods to improve control and motion.

Our Mobility Training is based on:

  • Functional Movement Screen Level I and II certification and equipment,
  • Muscle Activation Technique’s Jump Start Program
  • Kelley Starrett’s Supple Leopard,
  • Bob Anderson’s Stretching Techniques
  • Kit Laughlin’s Stretching and Flexibility,
  • Mobility WOD Certification and equipment,
  • Move2Perform Y-Balance Test certification and equipment,
  • Yoga Movement Patterns
  • Gray Institute’s Three Dimensional Movement Analysis and Performance System.

Roberts Mobility Screen

  • 24 movement patterns tested to determine areas of limited mobility;
  • Custom modifications to your personal training program based on results;
  • Risk assessment for common activities (Olympic lifting, cycling, etc.)
  • Detailed report and scoring on each of your movement patterns.
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Mobility Training Alexandria VA

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Mobility Training Alexandria VA

Mobility Training Alexandria VA