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Personal Training
The Sand & Steel Method


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[/one_half_last] IMG_7047At Sand & Steel Fitness, we provide goal specific personal training that is customized to fit your goals. We utilize several industry leading testing systems to help us determine your current fitness level, so that we can set goals and ultimately develop a program that best fits you.  Personal training programs frequently include:

  1. a scored benchmark workout,
  2. a nutrition assessment,
  3. an InBody Composition assessment,
  4. before and after shots, and
  5. a custom-written 3-6 fitness month program.
Tania Personal Training
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Your first session usually takes about two hours wherein we accomplish items 1-5.  The Benchmark workout is a full featured workout, so you’ll need to bring water, towel, and athletic clothes.  Most of our personal training clients come two to three times per week.  Additionally, some clients decide to include Origin nutrition and the Triple Assessment System in their personal training program to maximize their results.

So what kind of personal training do we provide:

IMG_7050Many of our personal training programs focus on utilizing the three energy systems to burn fat and build muscle effectively. Through our exploitation of these energy systems nearly all of our clients are able to build muscle and cut fat simultaneously.

Three energy systems? Yes, the anerobic / creatine phosphate system, the glycolytic / lactid acid system, and oxidative / aerobic system. These are the three systems your body uses to generate ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate — essentially energy), and your body’s ability to generate this energy efficiently controls your conditioning level.  Our Benchmark targets all three systems, and we determine the system that is most lacking.  You’ll be trained using all three energy systems, but generally the anaerobic one builds muscle, the glycolytic burns calories after the workout, stimulates muscles, improves lactic acid threshold (your ability to push past the burn) and the aerobic systems burns calories during the workout. By forcing your body to cycle through these energy systems, we can force your body to keep improving.

Our favorite personal techniques and equipment:

We have an entire of stockpile of new and exciting equipment we’ll use to keep your body adapting.  Among favorites include:
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High intensity training,
Functional strength training,

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Cardio training (spin bikes, Jacob’s Ladder),
Weight and strength training,
Body building,
Olympic lifts,
Isometric training,
Gymnastics movements,

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Calisthenics and bodyweight,
Hydro-inertia training,
Suspension training,
Sand bag training,
Kettle bells,
Bosu movements,

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Slosh pipes,
Barbell and dumbbell movements,
Medicine balls,
Olympic Rings,
Paralletes, and
Band training.