Social Media Influencers Save 25% Per Session

Social Media Influencers Save 25% Per Session

Want 25% off your next session?  Here’s how to use your social network to get 25% off your next Personal Training, Nutrition, Mobility, or Yoga Session.

  1. Find a Photo at Sand & Steel that you like or take your own.
  2. Share it on Social Media
  3. Receive a coupon for 25% your next session.  Earn as many 25% off coupons as you like.

Social Media Influencer Coupon Usage
Yelp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest are supported.  For Yelp and Facebook, use the Check in feature.  For Instagram, Pinterest, or Twitter just mention us with @sandandsteelfitness1.

Coupons cannot be combined with other items or used on sale items.  Coupons are valid for 2 Months from date of acquisition.  Coupons may be used on services only.  You may earn up to 2 coupons per week.  Coupons are good for website purchases only.  Coupons cannot be retroactivated.  For a post to be credited, it needs to contain a picture or video, and you need to tag us.  Save a screenshot of your post and email it to us for faster coupon delivery.  Coupons are good for a single session.  Your social media publicity settings need to be set to public (we can’t accommodate private profiles.)  The coupon will provide a 25% discount against $100 worth of services.  The coupon code can be used multiple time, and we increment the number of uses based on your social media influence and sharing.  Comments, reshares, checkin’s, etc. are all evaluated.  You’ll be able to see this coupon anytime you shop in the webstore.  The coupon’s rule engine makes the coupon appear anytime it’s valid for your use.  The coupon will work on all services listed here.  The coupon does not work at our in-store POS and it does not work on our scheduling portal.  You won’t get an automatic notice when the number of uses for the coupon is increased, but you can check the status of your coupon here.  Please email Paul if you have any questions, or if you want to make sure that your social media influence has been noted and counted.

Instagram Instructions

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How To Tag Someone On Instagram –

Facebook Instructions

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how to tag friends on facebook – Tutorial

Twitter Instructions

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How to tag someone in Twitter (EDCT Class Assignment)

Pinterest Instructions

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How to Tag Someone in Pinterest

What if I Don’t get my Coupon?

This could happen for different reasons.  We might not have your email address.  We might not recognize your username.  Not to worry.  If you tag us on a photo from this page and don’t see your coupon code in 12 hours, just send us an email and we will add it manually.

  1. Facebook, Instagram: we are @sandandsteelfitness.  Pinterest: we are @sandandsteel. Twitter: we are @sandandsteelfit.
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