Social Media For Personal Trainers

Deciphering Social Media Channels for Personal Trainers

Social Media can be tough to master for Personal Trainers.ย  That almost sounds like I am joking, but many of the coaches I have hired don’t even have a Facebook page!ย  So rather than providing a “technical” description of how to post on each channel … I’ve broken it down into a language any personal trainer can understand ๐Ÿ™‚ย ย Social Media in the language of the Burpee.

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Facebook: I like Burpees.
Twitter: Whoa! did 50 #burpees @sandandsteelfit.
Yelp: Please review my burpee coaching skills.
WordPress: Hey, this is a wordpress burpee article!
Google+: Connect with overseas, circles, and improve my SEO score on burpees.
Instagram:ย One square photo on burpees for the Millennials.
Tumblr: Find wordpress blogs on burpees.
Youtube: Watch videos of us coaching clients on burpees.
Linkedin:ย I’d like to connect with you so I can sell you my wisdom on coaching burpees.
Vimeo:ย Please subscribe to my burpee videos that you could otherwise get for free on youtube.
Reddit:ย I’d like to receive comments from unqualified internet viewers about how they hate doing burpees.
Pinterest:ย Please review my infographic of 30 different burpee techniques.
Soundhound:ย I’d like you to listen to me talk about burpees for 10-20 minutes.ย  I have a guest speaker who also loves burpees.

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