Stacey H. – First Woman to Crack 70 on the Woman’s Benchmark

Stacey H. Takes No Prisoners on the Sand & Steel Benchmark

Stacey HarrisHere’s a picture of Stacey posing for her “before” pictures.  And ever since coming to Sand & Steel to strengthen her shoulder, she’s been setting new standards for improvement speed, and now benchmarks.  Stacey is the first woman at Sand & Steel to crack 70 on the benchmark and she actually scored 75.  Her scores on the six events are below.  She’s the current leader on the Women’s Leaderboard, but we still have a number of additional members yet to attack the Benchmark for this month.  Everyone at Sand & Steel is proud of her improvement and dedication to Get Steel Strong.

  • Jacob’s Ladder: 90
  • Slam Ball Curl: 72
  • Box Jump: 80
  • Deadlift: 45
  • Alternating Kettle Swing: 79
  • Sand Bell Rainbow Slam: 83

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