Staying Fit and Healthy During COVID-19

Alexandria Living Magazine’s Interviews Paul Roberts on how to stay in shape at home.

Staying in Shape During COVID-19

Alexandria Living Magazine Interviews Paul of Sand and Steel Fitness

Premieres Monday 7PM April 20, 2020

Paul Roberts of Sand and Steel Fitness outlines his entire strategic plan on how to Stay Fit during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

During his interview with Alexandria Living Magazine, Paul reveals his solutions to difficult questions like:
(1) Why we are gaining weight during the Coronavirus?
(2) Solutions to Preventing Weight Gain During Your Stay at Home Order
(3) What kind of Virtual Fitness Training Solution is Best For You
(4) How Live Stream Personal Training Works
(5) Important concepts to understand when Running Outside During the Coronavirus
(6) Understanding Social Distancing When Running
(7) Why Other Runners Are Telling You It’s Safe to Run
(8) Fundamentals of Safe Running Technique
(9) The Best Alternatives to Running Outside
(10) Working Out at Home Without Equipment
(11) Choices for Do It Yourself Equipment.

As part of the preparation for this interview, Paul conducted interviews with leading virologists, prepared a running technique guide, and even did some field studies as to how people are actually exercising.

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