SugarWOD CrossFit Workout Tracker

SugarWOD CrossFit Workout Tracker.  SugarWOD is a full-featured workout tracker that allows you access and track your workouts.  Learn how to get faster results in your workouts with SugarWOD.  Join for Free.

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What is a WOD?  Workout of the Day.  If you are taking a CrossFit class, you will want to look for the Workout of the Day track.  If you are taking a different class like Power lifting or Olympic lifting, look for that track.

Why You Should Install
SugarWOD CrossFit Workout Tracker

  • It’s free with your membership.
  • You can see your personal training, powerlifting, and Crossfit Workouts
  • You can track your progress on these workouts.
  • Includes a workout journal that you can optionally share with Paul and your coaches.
  • You can see your benchmarks on barbell and gymnastics exercises.
  • Most workouts include video overviews, so you can see what’s coming up next.
  • You can connect with your friends at Sand & Steel.  Congratulate them when they do well.

2 Way Synchronization with SugarWOD

Upload your own workouts so that our coaches know what you have done. See your next workouts in advance so you can plan accordingly. Track your progress to make sure you are improving

What’s the Catch?

I know what you are thinking …  How could software like this be free?  It’s not free… Sand & Steel pays for it per user.  We are including it on Paul’s sessions and Get Steel Strong clients to give your more for your money.  

Virtual Training on SugarWOD

All Virtual Training sessions use SugarWOD.  Your Personal Trainer build the workouts, you log your results.

Personal Training

Your Personal Training Workouts will be written and stored in SugarWOD.  All coaches can view them.

Powerlifting and CrossFit Classes

These are also on SugarWOD.

Fitness Assessment

You will record your fitness assessment on SugarWOD.  We will teach you how to do this during the gym tour.


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