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Get a $5 Gift Card every week when you tag @sandandsteelfitness on Instagram ๐Ÿ’š. Show us your best selfies in the gym or wearing a Sand and Steel T-Shirt. Each month we’ll also pick a grand-prize ๐Ÿ† winner that will get a $50 gift card.

Official Rules

Every member of Sand & Steel will be provided with a rechargeable gift card that they can use to purchase supplements, drinks, shirts, Rocktape, protein bars, and more.ย  Every week, participating members earn $5 dollars if they tag @sandandsteelfitness on Instagram. Credits can be used to buy anything in our Proshop like: FitAid, Rocktape, La Colombe Coffee, Built Bars, T-Shirts, and of course the entire line of Sand and Steel Supplements ๐Ÿš€.

To get the $5 credit to your card, simply post a picture or video of you at the gym or wearing a Sand & Steel Fitness T-Shirt.ย  Please tag us on @sandandsteelfitness on Instagram so that we see the picture.ย  Limit one $5 credit per week.ย  Once you have posted, please ask Paul or Dawn to physically charge your gift card in person.

Tag Us & Save

Grand Prize Winner

Every month we’ll select on grand prize winner who posted the best selfie on their Instagram feed or story.ย  So get creative and show us your best work.ย  You might win the $50 grand prize ๐ŸŽ‰.

Supplemental Info

Want a copy of the pictures or videos that your coach takes during your session?ย  Just ask, and we’ll share them with you on Smugmug.

Coaches Are Eligible

Same rules apply… just tag us to get your gift card credit.

WOD With Paul & Get 5 Bonus Credits

Want to Earn an Additional $5 Credit?ย  Help us shoot a Workout Preview Video and You’ll Get a $5 Credit on the Spot.ย  Look for a WOD with Paul Session on the schedule.

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@mandiefit Amanda provides an overview of our Saturday CrossFit Workout of the Day. Want to join Coach Paul for a WOD on Friday? PM us for options. Saturdayโ€™s WOD is: For time: โ€ข 800-m row โ€ข 21 Handstand Kipping push-ups โ€ข 21 strict toes-to-rings โ€ข 800-m row โ€ข 18 Handstand Kipping push-ups โ€ข 18 strict toes-to-rings โ€ข 800-m row โ€ข 15 Handstand Kipping push-ups โ€ข 15 strict toes-to-rings Strict Pushups & Knees to Elbows (Intermediate) 600M Row, Knee Pushups, and V-Ups (Beginner)

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