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Mobility and Performance

Personal Training and CrossFit Classes

  1. Welcome Pack (50% off): Designed for new personal training members. Welcome Pack includes a fitness assessment, body composition analysis, and fitness consultation.
  2. CrossFit Starter Pack (33% off): Designed for members with one or more years of CrossFit experience. Starter Pack features Unlimited CrossFit, Specialty Classes, and Open Gym.
  3. CrossFit Foundations (33% off): Designed for members new to CrossFit. Foundations is our beginner, full spectrum CrossFit, Nutrition, and Mobility program.

Iron Star Games and Weight Loss Challenge

  1. 2023 Iron Star Games (25%-50% off): commit to getting in the best shape of your life for 2023. The Iron Star Games features 5 challenging workouts on Fridays, plus we have over $700 in prizes. In addition, the Iron Star Games is excellent practice for the CrossFit Open which begins February 15th.
  2. 2023 Weight Loss Challenge (20-40% off): join the Sand & Steel Fitness weight loss movement. Get a free Nutrition Lab session, bi-monthly check-in meetings, and a free InBody Session when you signup for the challenge. Plus, our grandprize winner takes home a $300 Haven Athletics gym bag.

Mobility and Performance

  • Mobility Lab: the stretch better, recover better, move better, mobility class. Semi-Private mobility sessions covering all aspects of mobility, prehab, and recovery.
  • CrossFit Performance Lab: Improve your technique on the more complex CrossFit exercises like muscle-ups, handstand walks, and double-unders. Rx your next class with CrossFit Performance Lab.

Shopping Tips

  1. Do I just buy it on the website? Yes, you buy the service right from the website. We will follow-up with you to assist you with scheduling. You can get yourself setup by following our Get Started page.
  2. Read the New Member FAQ. We have been training members for almost ten years. We know what questions you will likely have, because we get asked the same questions every time. We’ve answered them for you already. Questions like:
    • Can I see the gym first? Yes, book a trial class.
    • Can I start the membership on X date? Yes, specify your start date in the check out notes.
    • Can I meet with Paul to figure out a training plan? Yes, purchase the Welcome Pack.
    • When are the classes? Check the calendar.
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